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Podolsk (in Scots)
Подольск (Roushie)
-  Ceety[1]  -
Shopping arcade Podolsk.jpg
Historical biggins in the central pairt o Podolsk
Map of Russia - Moscow Oblast (2008-03).svg
Location o Moscow Oblast in Roushie
Podolsk is locatit in Moscow Oblast
Location of Podolsk in Moscow Oblast
Coordinates: 55°25′N 37°32′E / 55.417°N 37.533°E / 55.417; 37.533Coordinates: 55°25′N 37°32′E / 55.417°N 37.533°E / 55.417; 37.533
Coat of Arms of Podolsk (Moscow oblast).png
Flag of Podolsk (Moscow oblast).png
Coat o airms
Admeenistrative status (as o Julie 2010)
Kintra Roushie
Federal subject Moscow Oblast[1]
Admeenistratively subordinatit tae Podolsk Ceety Unner Oblast Jurisdiction[1]
Admeenistrative centre o Podolsky Destrict,[1] Podolsk Ceety Unner Oblast Jurisdiction[1]
Municipal status (as of April 2011)
Urban okrug Podolsk Urban Okrug[2]
Admeenistrative centre o Podolsk Urban Okrug,[2] Podolsky Municipal Destrict[3]
Head[citation needit] Nikolay Pestov[citation needit]
Aurie (urban okrug) (April 2011) 40.39 km2 (15.59 sq mi)[2]
Population (2010 Census) 187,961 inhabitants[4]
Rank in 2010 97t
Density 4,654/km2 (12,050/sq mi)[5]
Time zone MSK (UTC+03:00)[6]
Ceety status syne 1791[citation needit]
Postal code(s)[7] 142100
Dialin code(s) +7 4967[citation needit]
Offeecial wabsteid
Podolsk on Wikimedia Commons

Podolsk (Roushie: Подольск) is an industrial ceety o Moscow Oblast, Roushie, locatit on the Pakhra River (a tributary o the Moskva River). Population: 187,961 (2010 Census);[4] 180,963 (2002 Census);[8] 209,178 (1989 Census);[9] 183,000 (1974); 129,000 (1959); 72,000 (1939).

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety o Podolsk grew oot o the veelage Podol, which in the 18t century belanged tae the Danilov Monastery in Moscow. Podolsk wis grantit the status o ceety bi Catherine II in 1791. At that time, Roushie wis establishin the major kintra destricts, appointin govrenors an establishin new ceeties.

Afore the Roushie Revolution, Podolsk wis amang ane o the maist industrialisit ceeties in Roushie. A Singer factory producin sewin machines wis established here.

The Ulyanov faimily uised tae live in Podolsk. Vladimir Lenin visitit the ceety a nummer o times an even haed a sma estate an cottage thare. In 1900, he held a meetin in Podolsk wi the social democrats frae Moscow an ither ceeties tae win thair support for the Iskra newspaper, which haed awready been in the makin.

In 1971, Podolsk wis awardit the Order o the Red Banner o Labor. In the Soviet times, Podolsk wis ane o the industrial giants in Moscow Oblast. At that time thare wur mair nor seiventy factories operatin in the ceety. Maist o the ceetizens wur wirkin at these plants.

In 2000 a major militar base wis formit .07 miles frae toun (Microyone) 1 its is currently commandit unner Igor Minin.

Podolsk is the steid o the Central Archive o the Roushie Meenistry o Defence.

Aerial view o Podolsk

Admeenistrative an municipal status[eedit | eedit soorce]

Athin the framewirk o administrative diveesions, Podolsk serves as the admeenistrative centre o Podolsky Destrict, even tho it is no a pairt o it.[1] As an admeenistrative diveesion, it is incorporatit separately as Podolsk Ceety Unner Oblast Jurisdiction—an admeenistrative unit wi the status equal tae that o the destricts.[1] As a municipal diveesion, Podolsk Ceety Unner Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporatit as Podolsk Urban Okrug.[2]

Twin touns — Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Podolsk is twinned wi the follaein sister ceeties:[10]

Thare are an aa plans tae sign sister ceety agreements wi:[13]

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