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Lyubertsy (Scots)
Люберцы (Roushie)
-  Ceety  -
Map of Russia - Moscow Oblast (2008-03).svg
Location o Moscow Oblast in Roushie
Lyubertsy is located in Moscow Oblast
Location of Lyubertsy in Moscow Oblast
Coordinates: 55°40′N 37°55′E / 55.667°N 37.917°E / 55.667; 37.917Coordinates: 55°40′N 37°55′E / 55.667°N 37.917°E / 55.667; 37.917
Coat of Arms of Lyubertsy (Moscow oblast) (2007).png
Flag of Lyubertsy (Moscow oblast) (2007).svg
Coat o airms
Admeenistrative status
Kintra Roushie
Federal subject Moscow Oblast
Admeenistrative destrict Lyuberetsky Destrict[citation needit]
Admeenistrative centre o Lyuberetsky Destrict[citation needit]
Municipal status
Municipal district Lyuberetsky Municipal Destrict[citation needit]
Urban settlement Lyubertsy Urban Dounset[citation needit]
Population (2010 Census) 172,525 indwallers[1]
Rank in 2010 106t
Time zone MSK (UTC+03:00)[2]
Foondit 1621[citation needit]
Dialin code(s) +7 495[citation needit]
Offeecial wabsteid
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Lyubertsy (Roushie: Люберцы) is a ceety an the admeenistrative centre o Lyuberetsky Destrict o Moscow Oblast, Roushie. Population: 172,525 (2010 Census);[1] 156,691 (2002 Census);[3] 165,478 (1989 Census).[4]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lyubertsy wis foondit in 1623 an wis grantit ceety status in 1925. It is a wirkin cless suburb o Moscow.[5]

Lyubertsy wis hame tae the Lyubers Soviet sports youth muivement in the 1980s. Durin the perestroika years o the 1990s, the Lyubers, an bi association Lyubertsy, formit a pairt o the emergin organisit creeme syndicates.

Tourism[eedit | eedit soorce]

Awtho it haes some moderately attractive auries an is near some bonnie dacha auries sic as Malakhovka, Lyubertsy attracts few tourists.

Industry[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lyubertsy is a major industrial centre. Thare are mair nor twinty-five industrial enterprises an a lairge railwey junction.

Prevailin domains are mechanical ingineerin, metalwirkin, production o construction materials, firthwirkin an fuid processin.

Amang the lairgest enterprises are:

  • Kamov company. Ukhtomsky Helicopter plant namit efter N. I. Kamov (developer o the warld-famous Ka-50 "Black Shark" an Ka-52 "Alligator" helicopters)
  • Ukhtomsky machine-biggin plant, makkin equipment for raisin livestock
  • "Torgmash" joint-stock company produces manufacturin equipment
  • A construction materials plant
  • "Lyuberetskye carpets" collective
  • "Belaya dacha" agricultural processin plant, a suppleer for McDonalds

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