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Babakina Street in Khimki (Februar 2010)
Babakina Street in Khimki (Februar 2010)
Banner o Khimki
Coat of airms o Khimki
Coat airms
Location o Khimki
Khimki is located in Roushie
Location o Khimki
Khimki is located in Moscow Oblast
Khimki (Moscow Oblast)
Coordinates: 55°54′N 37°27′E / 55.900°N 37.450°E / 55.900; 37.450Coordinates: 55°54′N 37°27′E / 55.900°N 37.450°E / 55.900; 37.450
Federal subjectMoscow Oblast[1]
 • MayorVladimir Strelchenko
 • Total109.79 km2 (42.39 sq mi)
180 m (590 ft)
 • Total207,425
 • Estimate 
250,688 (+20.9%)
 • Rank90t in 2010
 • Density1,900/km2 (4,900/sq mi)
 • Subordinatit taeKhimki Ceety Unner Oblast Jurisdiction[1]
 • Caipital oKhimki Ceety Unner Oblast Jurisdiction[1]
 • Urban okrugKhimki Urban Okrug[4]
 • Caipital oKhimki Urban Okrug[4]
Time zoneUTC+3 (Moscow Time Edit this on Wikidata[5])
Postal code(s)[6]
Dialin code(s)+7 495, 498
Twin tounsGrodnoEdit this on Wikidata
OKTMO ID46783000001

Khimki (Roushie: Химки) is a ceety in Moscow Oblast, Roushie, situatit juist northwast o Moscow, at the wast bank o the Moscow Canal. Population: 207,425 (2010 Census);[2] 141,000 (2002 Census);[7] 132,902 (1989 Census);[8] 106,000 (1977); 23,000 (1939).

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Khimki wis offeecially foondit in 1939.[9] It wis establisht aroond a railwey station wi the same name which haed existit syne 1850 on the Moscow-Saunt Petersburg Railwey. Currently, the ceety o Khimki is directly adjacent tae the territory o the ceety o Moscow.

Khimki wis the steid o the closest German advance tae Moscow in November–Dizember 1941. A memorial markin this in a form o a giant tank trap is locatit at the "Kilometer 23" pynt (55°54´46.103"N, 37°24´10.577"E) o Leningradskoye Heich-gate, the highway tae St. Petersburg, juist short o a intersection wi the Moscow-St.Petersburg railwey, an close tae the IKEA shoppin center.

Efter Warld War II, Khimki became hame tae several Soviet aerospace defence development centres, which became the principal employers for the majority o the ceety population. This included R&D enterprises which designed surface-tae-air missiles for S-75, S-125, S-200, S-300 Soviet air defence seestems, ingines for intercontinental ballistic missiles an satellite launch vehicles, an ither teeps o equipment. For this raison, Khimki wis aff leemits for aw foreigners visitin the kintra, despite its location on a heich-gate atween Moscow an its major internaitional airport.

Admeenistrative an municipal status[eedit | eedit soorce]

Athin the framewirk o admeenistrative diveesions, it is incorporatit as Khimki Ceety Unner Oblast Jurisdiction—an admeenistrative unit wi the status equal tae that o the destricts.[1] As a municipal diveesion, Khimki Ceety Unner Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporatit as Khimki Urban Okrug.[4]

Present day[eedit | eedit soorce]

In recent years, the population o the ceety o Khimki haes continued tae grow rapidly due tae massive residential biggin construction driven bi its proximity tae the Moscow megapolis which is densely populatit an needs new auries for expansion.

The ceety enjoys a great deal o commercial activity due tae its location atween Moscow an ane o its main airports, Sheremetyevo. Some aerospace development centres locatit in Khimki currently contribute tae a program o the Internaitional Space Station.

The ceety is hame tae ane o the lairgest shoppin maws in Roushie, which featurs French chain store Auchan an Swadish furnitur retailer IKEA.

In 2010, the ceety wis the location o protests ower the new Moscow-Saunt Petersburg motorwey bein biggit throu the Khimki Forest.[10]

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