Karaağaç, Edirne

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Karaağaç is locatit in Turkey
Location o Karaağaç in Turkey
Coordinates: 41°39′20″N 26°31′30″E / 41.65556°N 26.52500°E / 41.65556; 26.52500
Kintra Turkey
RegionMarmara Region
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
Aurie code(s)+(90)284

Karaağaç (Greek: Ορεστιάδα, anglicisit as Orestiada) is a dounset in the Edirne Destrict o Edirne Province in northwastren Turkey. It wis a pairt o the defensive line Lüleburgaz - Karaağaç - Bunarhisar in the First Balkan War.

At the border tae Greece opposite Kastanies, Karaağaç is locatit on the river Maritsa. In 1890, a lairge train station wis built in Karaağaç on the left bank the river an servit as the last train stop in Turkey tae Europe. The Turkish State Railways (TCDD) constructit in 1971 a new train station at the opposite side abandonin the umwhile ane, which is nou uised as the admeenistrative biggin o Trakya University.[1] The state road D.100 connects Karaağaç tae Kastanies.

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