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Insignie o Angolae

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The insignie o Angolae is the naitional emblem. It reflects the recent past o the new naition. Thare is hivy Marxist imagery foond on the device, waxt frae wha is foond on the naitional banner. In the past, Angolae haes uised coats o airms tae represent the naition.

In the center is a machete an hoe, representin the revolution throu whilk the naition gained unthirldom, an the importance o agricultural wirkers. Abuin baith emblems is a starn that is aften foond in mony socialist images. The starn is taken tae represent progress. The risin sun is the traditional seembol o a new beginnin. Thir emblems are aw enclosed athin a circle formed bi a hauf cog-wheel that represents the industrial wirkers, an a hauf vine o coffee an cotton leafs that represents the coffee resp. cotton industry.

At the bottom is an open beuk that is tae represent eddication. A banner reads "Republic o Angolae" at the bottom, in Portuguese.

Details o the insignie is laid doun in Airticle 163 o the Constitution o Angolae.

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