Emblem o Cameroon

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Coat of arms of Cameroon.svg
Previous coat o airms

The naitional emblem o Cameroon consists o a shield wi a banner abuin an belaw it. Ahint the shield are twa crossed fasces. The shield haes the same color pattern as the banner o Cameroon, an in the center is a map o the naition. The scales o juistice are superimposed on top o the map o the naition.

The banner at the bottom gives the name o the naition in French an Inglis. The top banner contains the naitional motto: Paix, Travail, Patrie. The fasces are a seembol o the republic's authority, an the scales o juistice represent juistice.[1]

The previous version o the state airms haed text in French anerlie, wi "République du Cameroun – 1er Janvier 1960" on a scroll abuin the shield, an "Paix, Travail, Patrie" belaw the shield. The shield differed in that the green an yellae auries tae left an richt each haed ane lairge blue five-pointit starn, while the central red aurie did no hae a starn on top (so that the blue map ootline o Cameroon extendit heicher).[2]

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