Crest o Brunei

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Naitional Crest o Brunei

The Naitional Crest o Brunei is featured prominently on the Banner o Brunei. It wis adoptit in 1932. There are five main components te the naitional crest accordin tae the Government's Offeecial wabsteid. They are the banner, the ryal umbrella, the wing, the hands, an the crescent. On the crescent is writin in Arabic script that contain the naitional motto o: "Aaways in service wi God's guidance". Belaw this is a banner wi the name o the naition in Arabic script as "Brunei Darussalam" or Brunei, land o peace.

The wings seembolize protection o juistice an peace. Belaw these is the crescent that is the seembol o Islam, the naitional releegion o Brunei. The hands seembolize the government's duty tae protect the fowk.

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