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An umberellae is a canopie makkit tae fend agin onfaw or sunlicht. The term parasol aften refers tae an item makkit tae fend fae the sun, an umberellaa refers tae a gibble mair sootit tae fend fae rain. Aften the unalike is the stuff it is makkit fae; some parasols are no watterpruif. Parasols are aften meant tae be siccarit tae ane pynt an aften uised wi patiae buirds or ither ootduir plenishin, or for shelter fae the sun. Umberellaes are almaist anely haud-held portable gibbles; houaniver, parasols can awsae be haud-held. Umberellaes can be held as fashion statements in the twinty first century for some men an weemen an are whilks seen as simple accessories that complet an ootfit.