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Anent Us[eedit soorce]

We'r an onwab group thit hiv got thegither tae sort oot aw the bad Scots Wikipedia airticles an tae help oot the site's admins bi teachin thaim mair Scots, an sort oot the Wiki as a hale. The editathon is takkin place on 14t November tae the 15t.

(in Inglis) We're an online group that has formed to fix all of the bad Scots Wikipedia articles, help out the site's admins by teaching them proper Scots, and generally improve the quality of the Wiki. This editathon takes place between the 14th November to the 15th.

(in Inglis) Schedule[eedit soorce]

Sat 14th:

  • 12:00 Drop-in session for wiki questions & training (Zoom), sign up here.
  • 16:00 Drop-in session for wiki questions & training (Zoom), sign up here.

Theme[eedit soorce]

The theme is Weemin an Minorities fae Scotland an Ulster.

Airticles tae mak[eedit soorce]

  • Louisa Jordan ( en:wiki here)
  • June Almeida (in Inglis) discovered coronavirus (en:wiki here)
  • Flora MacDonald ( en:wiki here)
  • Mary Stuart (en:wiki here)
  • Mairi Robinson (lexicographer an eiditor; eiditor-in-chief o the Concise Scots Dictionary)
  • Philippa York (en:wiki here)
  • Sophie (musician)
  • Elizabeth Melville (en:wiki article here - & a source here )
  • Minnie Watson (in Inglis) Source link here, first female Scots Missionary (to Kenya)
  • Mary Barbour (en:wiki here)
  • Helen Crawfurd (en:wiki here)
  • Agnes Dollan (en:wiki here)
  • Mary Jeff (en:wiki here)
  • Mary Burns Laird (in Inglis) Glasgow Rent strike activist (en:wiki here)
  • Bessie Watson (en:wiki here)
  • Helen Fraser (en:wiki here) suffragist (en:wiki here)
  • Henria Leech Williams (in Inglis) suffragette (en:wiki here)
  • Holloway Jingles (en:wiki here)
  • Ellison Scotland Gibb (en:wiki here)
  • Frances Gordon (in Inglis) suffragette force fed in Perth gaol (en:wiki here)
  • Grace Cadell (in Inglis) one of the first women to study medicine at Edinburgh (en:wiki here)
  • Marion Wallace Dunlop (in Inglis) suffragette one of the first to go be force fed (en:wiki here)
  • Helen Archdale (in Inglis) suffragette and feminist (en:wiki here)
  • Flora Murray medical pioneer and suffragist (en:wiki here)
  • Margaret McPhun (in Inglis) suffragette (en:wiki here) and Frances McPhun (in Inglis) suffragette (en:wiki here)
  • Anna Munro (in Inglis) temperance and suffrage activist(en:wiki here)
  • Margaret Davidson (suffragist) (en:wiki here)
  • Joyce Baird (diabetologist) (en:wiki here)
  • Elsie Cassells (in Inglis) naturalist and early ornithologist (en:wiki here)
  • Marjory Newbold (in Inglis) socialist and communist (en:wiki here)
  • Jennie Lee (in Inglis) socialist politician and Open University founder (en:wiki here)
  • Rachel Lumsden (in Inglis) nurse and hospital management improver (en:wiki here)
  • Florence Haig (in Inglis) artist and suffragette (en:wiki here)
  • Annie Murray (in Inglis) nurse in Spanish Civil war (en:wiki here)
  • Alison J. Tierney (in Inglis) nurse educator and innovator (en:wiki here)
  • Winifred W. Logan (in Inglis) nurse educator and innovator (en:wiki here)
  • Janie Allan (in Inglis) suffragette and funder(en:wiki here)
  • Chrystal Macmillan (in Inglis) suffragist and first female science graduate from Edinburgh (en:wiki here)
  • Louisa Garrett Anderson (in Inglis) medical pioneer and suffragist (en:wiki here)
  • Jessie Newbery (in Inglis) artist and embroiderer (en:wiki here)
  • Evelina Haverfield (in Inglis) suffragette and nurse (en:wiki here)
  • Lavinia Malcolm (in Inglis) suffragist politician and first female Lord Provost (en:wiki here)
  • Agnes Husband (in Inglis)suffragette and politician (en:wiki here)
  • Rachel Scott(women's education reformer) (en:wiki [1] here)
  • Agnes Brown (suffragist) (en:wiki here)
  • Helen Ogston (in Inglis) suffragette (en:wiki here)
  • Mary Macarthur (in Inglis) suffragist and trades unionist (en:wiki here)
  • Frances Parker (in Inglis) suffragette frequent prisoner (en:wiki here)
  • Jessie Stephen (in Inglis) suffragette labour activist politician (en:wiki here)
  • Maggie Moffat (in Inglis) actor and suffragette (en:wiki here)
  • Caroline Phillips (in Inglis) feminist suffragette and journalist (en:wiki here)
  • Dorothea Chalmers Smith (in Inglis)pioneer doctor and suffragette (en:wiki here)
  • Arabella Scott (in Inglis) suffragette force fed in Perth gaol (en:wiki here)
  • Margot Asquith (in Inglis) socialite author and wit (en:wiki here)
  • Jane Esdon Brailsford (in Inglis) suffragette (en:wiki here)
  • Catherine Corbett (in Inglis) suffragette imprisoned in Dundee(en:wiki here)
  • Christina Broom (in Inglis) first female press photographer (en:wiki here)
  • Alice Stewart Ker (in Inglis) doctor and suffragette (en:wiki here)
  • Emily Rosaline Orme (in Inglis) suffragist(en:wiki here)
  • Mary Cameron (painter) (en:wiki here)
  • Marion Gilchrist (doctor) en:wiki here)
  • May Baird (in Inglis)doctor socialist and politician (en:wiki here)
  • Sarah Mair (en:wiki here)
  • Catherine Helen Spence (in Inglis) author teacher suffragist politician(en:wiki here)
  • Mary Bamber (in Inglis) socialist trade unionist suffragist (en:wiki here)

Airticles tae sort oot an extend[eedit soorce]

  • Elsie Inglis (en:wiki here) (en) needs some sentences eedit intae Scots and tae sort oot and extend!

(in Inglis) Training help[eedit soorce]

(in Inglis) Tasks for non-Scots speakers to do[eedit soorce]

  • Identify potential articles to improve.
  • Find sources uses Google News, Google Books, Google Newspapers and other sources.
  • Sort through the disambigs, removing red links and tagging pages with one or two valid links
  • Add images to articles.

Ither Airtins[eedit soorce]