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Anent Us[eedit soorce]

We'r an onwab group thit hiv got thegither tae sort oot aw the bad Scots Wikipedia airticles an tae help oot the site's admins bi teachin thaim mair Scots, an sort oot the Wiki as a hale. The editathon is takkin place on 20t Mairch tae the 21st.

(in Inglis) We're an online group that has formed to fix all of the bad Scots Wikipedia articles, help out the site's admins by teaching them proper Scots, and generally improve the quality of the Wiki. This editathon takes place between the 20th March to the 21st.

Theme[eedit soorce]

The theme fur 'is editathon is Scots an Irish Media an Airt.

Mind thit the theme is juist a guide tae git stairtit. See gin ye'r wantin, ye kin sort oot or mak airticles ootwi the theme.

(in Inglis) The theme will be Scottish and Irish Media and Art

Remember that the theme is just a guide to get started. You can fix and make articles outside of the theme if you want.

Fowk Takkin Pairt[eedit soorce]

Sign up for the Dashboard here so we know what's been done.

(in Inglis) Schedule[eedit soorce]

If you're not totally confident about your written Scots and would like to do some collaborative editing with some Scots language writers from the Scots Language Centre, then sign up for one of these sessions! We choose an article to edit or translate, and then a group of folk can work through the editing, figuring out as we go how the article should look in Scots. Other folk about might be able to help with finding sources, images, or other articles to link to. We'll also have Sara from Wikimedia UK on hand to help with Wiki queries.

  • Saturday 20th March 12noon - 2pm - Zoom session with language support from the Scots Language Centre - sign up on Eventbrite
  • Sunday 21st March 12noon - 2pm - Zoom session with language support from the Scots Language Centre - sign up on Eventbrite

Tasks[eedit soorce]

Airticles tae sort oot an stend[eedit soorce]

Airticle tae big[eedit soorce]

(in Inglis)

(in Inglis) Tasks for non-Scots speakers to do[eedit soorce]

AWB Tasks[eedit soorce]


Ither Airtins[eedit soorce]