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Elsie Maud Inglis
Elsie Inglis.jpg
Elsie Inglis
Born 16 August 1864(1864-08-16)
Naini Tal, Indie
Died 26 November 1917(1917-11-26) (aged 53)
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Restin place
Dean Seemetry
Naitionality Scots
Ither names The Leddy wi the Torch
Alma mater Varsity o Edinburgh
Thrift Doctor
Kent for Suffragist; First Warld War doctor; campaigner for weemen an childer's heal
Honours Serbie Order o the White Eagle (First Cless)

Elsie Maud Inglis (16 August 1864 – 26 November 1917) wis an innovative Scots doctor, suffragist, an foonder o the Scottish Women's Hospitals.[1]

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