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Sophia Jex-Blake

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Dr Sophia Jex-Blake
Portrait by Samuel Laurence 1865
BornSophia Louisa Jex-Blake
21 Januar 1840(1840-01-21)
Hastings, Sussex, England
Dee'd7 Januar 1912(1912-01-07) (aged 71)
Mark Cross, Rotherfield, Sussex, England
Kent forcampaigning for women's medical education
member of the Edinburgh Seven
Medical career
Perfaisionphysician and teacher

Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake (21 January 1840 – 7 January 1912) wis an English physician, teacher and feminist.[1] She led the campaign fur tae siccar weemen's access tae a University eddication whan she an sax ither weemen, kent awthegither as the Edinburgh Seven, began studyin medicine at the University of Edinburgh in 1869. She wis the first practisin female doctor in Scotland, and ane o the first in the wider Unitit Kingdom o Great Britain and Ireland; a leadin campaigner fur medical education for women and wis involved in fundin twa medical scuils fur weemen, in London and Edinburgh at a time whan nae ither medical scuils wis trainin weemen.

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