Kirsty Blackman

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Kirsty Blackman

Member o Pairlament
for Aiberdeen North
Assumed office
8 Mey 2015
Precedit biFrank Doran
Majority4,139 (11.2%)
Personal details
BornKirsty Ann West
(1986-03-20) 20 Mairch 1986 (age 38)
Aiberdeen, Scotland
Poleetical pairtyScots Naitional Pairty
Spoose(s)Luke Blackman[1]
WabsteidParliament biography

Kirsty Ann Blackman (née West; born 20 Mairch 1986)[2][3] is a Scots National Pairty politician that sert as the SNP Deputy Leader in Wastmeinster frae 2017 til 2020.

Blackman wis furst electit in the 2015 Unitit Kinrich general election, representin Aiberdeen North. She wis relectit in 2017 an 2019.

Political thrift[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter the Scots Conservative Pairty made gains in the nor east o Scotland at the 2017 general election, she wis left as the region's anly SNP MP, hauldin her seat wi a reduced majority o 4,139 votes (11.2%). She then became Deputy leader o the SNP group in the Hoose o Commons an the group's economy spokesperson unner the leadership o Ian Blackford.

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