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Regions o Kyrgyzstan

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(Reguidit frae Provinces o Kyrgyzstan)
Regions o Kyrgyzstan

Template:Politics o Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan is dividit intae seiven regions (singular: област - oblast, plural: областтар - oblasttar). The caipital, Bishkek, is admeenistratively an unthirlt ceety (shaar), as well as bein the caipital o Chuy Province. Osh an aa haes shaar status.

The regions, wi their caipitals, are as follaes:

  1. Bishkek (shaar)
  2. Batken Region (Batken)
  3. Chuy Region (Bishkek)
  4. Jalal-Abad Region (Jalal-Abad)
  5. Naryn Region (Naryn)
  6. Osh Region (Osh)
  7. Talas Region (Talas)
  8. Issyk Kul Region (Karakol)
  9. Osh (shaar)

Each region is further dividit intae raions (destricts), admeenistered bi govrenment-appointit offeecials. Landwart commonties (aiyl okmotus) consistin o up tae twintie smaw dounsets hae their awn electit mayors an cooncils.

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