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Batken (an aa cawed Batkent) is a sma toun o aboot 12,000 population, in soothwastren Kyrgyzstan, on the soothren fringe o the Fergana Valley. Its geographical location is 40°4′N 70°50′E / 40.067°N 70.833°E / 40.067; 70.833. It is the caipital o the Batken Province.


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The name Batkent is frae the Iranian leid o Sogdian an means "The ceety o wind".

Batken became the administrative heidquarters o the yungest o Kyrgyzstan's seiven oblasts, creatit frae the three wastrenmaist raions o the umwhile Osh oblast in 1999, efter concerns ower radical Islamist activities in neighborin Tajikistan an Uzbekistan led tae demands for a mair direct an visible governmental presence in this remote an muntainous region. There is a sma airport an, since 2000, a sma university as well.