Osh Region

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Osh Province in Kyrgyzstan
Osh Province in Kyrgyzstan
Osh Province
Ош областы
Ошская область
Caipital: Osh
Aurie: 29,200 km²
Population: 1,299,500 (2009)
Population density: 44.5 /km²
ISO 3166-2: KG-O

Osh Province (Kyrgyz: Ош областы, Roushie: Ошская область) is a province (oblast) o Kyrgyzstan. Its caipital is Osh. It is boondit bi (clockwise) Jalal-Abad Province, Naryn Province, Xinjiang, Cheenae, Tajikistan, Batken Province an Uzbekistan.

Geography an population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Maist o the population lives in the flat northren pairt o the Oblast, on the edge o the Ferghana Valley. The land gradually rises soothward tae the crest o the Alay Muntains, drops intae the Alay Valley an rises tae the Trans-Alai Range which forms the border wi Tajikistan. In the east, the land rises tae the Ferghana Range which is roughly parallel tae the Naryn border. This aurie is drained bi the Kara Darya which flows northwast tae join the Naryn River tae form the Syr Darya in the Ferghana Valley.

Hieway M41 goes sooth ower the muntains frae Osh tae the Tajik border. At Sary-Tash a branch goes east tae the Cheenese border crossin at Irkeshtam. The ither main road goes wast through the flat kintra tae Batken Province.

Mair nor hauf o aw Kyrgyzstan's Uzbeks live in Osh Province. They are 33% o the provincial population as opposed tae 14,5% in Kyrgyzstan as a whole.

Destricts o Osh[eedit | eedit soorce]

Osh province is dividit administratively intae 7 districts (leetit coonter-clockwise)[1]:

District Caipital Location
Uzgen Destrict Uzgen North1
Kara-Suu Destrict Kara-Suu North2
Aravan Destrict Aravan North3
Nookat Destrict Eski-Nookat Wast
Chong-Alay Destrict Daroot-Korgon Soothwast
Alay Destrict Gulcha Sootheast
Kara-Kulja Destrict Kara-Kulja East

Enclaves an exclaves[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kyrgyzstan's ae exclave athin Uzbekistan is administratively pairt o Osh Province (Kara-Suu District). This is the sma village o Barak (population 627) in the Fergana valley, locatit on the road frae Osh (Kyrgyzstan) tae Khodjaabad (Uzbekistan) aboot 4 km north-wast frae the Kyrgyz–Uzbek border in the direction o Andijan.[2]

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