Fergana Province

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Fergana Province (Uzbek: Farg‘ona viloyati, Roushie: Ферганский вилоят) is a viloyat (province) o Uzbekistan, locatit in the soothren pairt o the Fergana Valley in the far east o the kintra. It borders the Namangan an Andijan Provinces o Uzbekistan, as well as Kyrgyzstan an Tajikistan. It covers an aurie o 6,800 km2. The population is estimatit tae be aroond 2,597,000, wi ower 71% o the population livin in rural auries.

Fergana Province is dividit intae 15 admeenistrative destricts. The caipital is the ceety o Fergana, wi an estimatit 214,000 indwallers. Ither major ceeties include Besharik, Khamza, Kokand, Kuva, Kuvasay, Margilan an Rishdan.

Fergana Province haes a teepically continental climate wi extreme differences atween winter an simmer temperaturs.

Agriculture is the main economy activity o Fergana Province, primarily irrigatit cotton, sericultur, horticultur, an wine. Ainimal husbandry concentrates on meat an milk production.

Naitural resoorces include deposits o petroleum, ceramic clays, an construction materials.

Industry is primarily based on ile refinin, fertiliser an chemical production, textile an silk weavin, licht industry, cleidin an ceramics. The aurie is a centre for the production o traditional Uzbek handicrafts, especially pottery an aw.

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