Chuy Region

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Chuy Region

Чүй облусу
Чуйская область
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Coat of airms o Chuy Region
Coat airms
Map o Kyrgyzstan, location o Chuy Region heichlichtit
Map o Kyrgyzstan, location o Chuy Region heichlichtit
Coordinates: 42°30′N 74°30′E / 42.500°N 74.500°E / 42.500; 74.500Coordinates: 42°30′N 74°30′E / 42.500°N 74.500°E / 42.500; 74.500
Kintra Kyrgyzstan
 • GubernatorAbdrakhmanov Sagynbek Umetalievich
 • Total20,200 km2 (7,800 sq mi)
 • Total790,438
 • Density39/km2 (100/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+6 (East)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+6 (nae observed)
ISO 3166 codeKG-C

Chuy Province or Chui Province (Kyrgyz: Чүй областы, Roushie: Чуйская область) is the northrenmaist province (oblast) o the Kyrgyz Republic. It is bundit, on the north bi Kazakhstan, an clockwise, Issyk Kul Province, Naryn Province, Jalal-Abad Province an Talas Province. Its admeenistrative centre is Bishkek, but frae 2003 tae Mey 2006 it wis Tokmok.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Chuy River valley

The main northwast pairt o the province is flat, a rarity in Kyrgyzstan. This is the valley o the Chu River. The valley's black soil is vera fertile an is lairgely irrigatit wi watter divertit frae the Chu River. Agricultural production includes wheat, maize, succar beets, potatoes, lucerne, an various vegetables an fruits. Durin the Soviet period, various agro-processin an ither industries wur established throughoot the province, givin rise tae a nummer o urban centers sic as Tokmok, Kant an Kara-Balta. The population is considerably mair heterogeneous than that o the ither regions o the kintra, wi mony ethnic Roushies, Ukrainians, Dungans, Koreans, Germans, etc.

The Kyrgyz Ala-Too muntains form soothren mairch o the province, an the northren mairch o Talas Province. Thare are mony hikin an trekkin routes accessible frae the touns in the valley. The soothwastren heel o the province ower the Kirgiz Alatau is geographically mair lik Naryn province. The northeast panhandle is the Chong Kemin Valley.

The main east-wast transportation axis o the province is the Taraz-Bishkek-Balykchy hieway, runnin throu maist major ceeties o the province. This road's section wast o Bishkek is pairt o European route E40, kent locally as Hieway M-39 (based on the auld USSR hieway numberin scheme). The same nummers apply tae the road that continues north-east frae Bishkek toward Almaty, crossin the Chuy River an leavin the province for Kazakhstan at Korday border crossin.

The anerlie railwey in the province runs alang the same Taraz-Bishkek-Balykchy route; it sees comparatively little uise thir days.

Basic Socio-Economic Indicators[eedit | eedit soorce]

Biggin an adobe brick hoose (Milyanfan)
  • Population: 763,900 (assessment for 1 Januar 2009)[1]
  • Employed population: 328,000 (2008) [2]
  • Registered Unemployed Population: 7089 (на 2008)[3]
  • Export: 248,1 million US dollars (2008)[4]
  • Import: 220,9 million US dollars (2008) [4]
  • Direct Foreign Investments 2008: 66,2 million US dollars[5]

Destricts o the Chuy Region[eedit | eedit soorce]

Chuy Region is dividit admeenistratively intae 8 destricts, an the destrict-level ceety o Tokmok:[6]: [7] [8][9] The Chuy Destrict surroonds the ceety o Tokmok. The Alamudun Destrict surroonds the ceety o Bishkek, which housomeivver is no pairt o Chuy Province but a province-level admeenistrative unit in its awn richt. The soothwastren heel is admeenistered as twa exclaves o Jaiyl an Panfilov Raions, Panfilov haein a valley tae the sootheast an Jaiyl the muntains tae the north, wast an soothwast. Raions belaw are leetit frae east tae wast.

Destrict Caipital Population (2006)
Kemin Destrict Kemin 50,900
Chuy Destrict Chuy 42,261
Ceety o Tokmok Tokmok 58,000
Ysyk-Ata Destrict Kant 125,856
Alamudun Destrict Lebedinovka 111,783
Sokuluk Destrict Sokuluk 136,543
Moskovsky Destrict Belovodskoye 81,812
Jaiyl Destrict Kara-Balta 94,428 (2009)
Panfilov Destrict Kayyngdy (Каинда) 40,451

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