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Jalal-Abad Region

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Jalal-Abad Province in Kyrgyzstan
Jalal-Abad Province in Kyrgyzstan
Jalal-Abad Province
Жалалабат областы
Джалал-Абадская область
Caipital: Jalal-Abad
Aurie: 33,700 km²
Population: 994,000 (2009)
Population density: 29.5 /km²
ISO 3166-2: KG-J

Jalal-Abad Province, forby kent as Jalalabat (Kyrgyz: Жалалабат областы), is a province (oblast) o Kyrgyzstan. Its caipital is the ceety o the same name, Jalal-Abad. It is surroondit bi (clockwise frae the north) Talas Province, Chui Province, Naryn Province, Osh Province an Uzbekistan. The Jalal-Abad Province wis established on November 21, 1939. On Januar 27, 1959 it became a pairt o Osh Province, but regained its auld status as a province on December 14, 1990. Jalal-Abad Province consist o 8 districts, an includes 5 touns, 8 urban-type settlements, an 415 villages [1]

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