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Kara-Suu (meanin "Black Water") is a toun, river an valley in Osh Province, Kyrgyzstan, in the Fergana Valley. The toun is 23 km northeast o Osh an is the caipital o the Kara-Suu Destrict.

The Kara-Suu valley is hame tae twa touns wi seemilar names. The first, at N 40.71 E 72.89, is dividit bi a Soviet-era mairch atween Kyrgyzstan an Uzbekistan. The Kyrgyz toun is cried Kara-Suu an is a major industrial an tred center, its Uzbek coonterpairt is cried Qorasuv (or Kara-Soo or Qorawsuw). Efter the dissolution o the Soviet Union, the Uzbek authorities destroyed the main brig athort the river, but cross-border tred continued via improvised ropeways that ferried guids an fowk athort.

The Karasuu Bazaar in the Kyrgyz toun o Kara-Suu is a heichlie important centre o re-export o Cheenese consumer guids intae Uzbekistan, comparable wi Dordoy Bazaar in Bishkek (which targets Kazakh an Roushie mercats).[1]

Kara-Suu gained internaitional prominence follaein the Andijan Massacre in nearbi Andijan, efter which refugees streamed athort the mairch intae Kyrgyzstan.

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The permanent population o Kara-Suu, accordin tae the Population an Housing Census o 2009, wis 20,862. The average age is 26.5 year auld.

Historical populations in Kara-Suu
1999 19,143+1.2%
Note: enumerated de facto population; Source:[2]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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