Batken Region

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Batken Province in Kyrgyzstan
Batken Region
Баткен областы
Баткенская область
Caipital: Batken
Aurie: 16,995 km²
Population: 428,800 (2009)
Population density: 25.2 fowk/km²
ISO 3166-2: KG-B

Batken Region (Kyrgyz: Баткен областы, Batken oblast; Roushie: Баткенская область) is a province (oblast) o Kyrgyzstan. Its caipital is Batken. It is boondit on the east bi Osh Province, on the sooth, wast an north bi Tajikistan an on the northeast bi Uzbekistan. The northren pairt o the province is pairt o the flat, agricultural Ferghana Valley. The land rises soothward tae the muntains on the soothren border: the Alay Muntains in the east, an the Turkestan Range in the wast.

The population o the province wis reportit as 382,400 bi the census o 1999. O them, 26.2 per cent lived in the province's fower ceeties, an 73.8 per cent in the rural auries. The majority (74.3 per cent) o the province's population are Kyrgyz; there are also Uzbeks (14.4 per cent) an Tajiks (6.9 per cent), as well as a few Roushies (2.2 per cent), Tatars (1 per cent), an Turks (0.3 per cent).[1]

Batken province wis created on 12 October 1999, frae the wastrenmaist section o Osh Province.[1] This wis partly in response tae the activities o the Islamic Movement for Uzbekistan (IMU), wi bases in Tajikistan. In 1999 they kidnapped a group o Japanese geologists an in 2000 some American climbers. In the twa years, 49 Kyrgyz sodgers wur killed. There hae been nae incidents syne, except for an attack on a Tajik border post in Mey 2006, which wis probably connectit tae drug runnin.

Basic Socio-Economic Indicators[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Population: 428,800 (assessment for 1 Januar 2009) includin 25.2% - urban, an 74.8% - rural population[2]
  • Employed population: 157,300 (2008) [3]
  • Registered unemployed population: 5,499 (2008)[4]
  • Export: 14.7 million US dollars (2008)[5]
  • Import: 53.6 million US dollars (2008) [5]

Subdiveesions o Batken Province[eedit | eedit soorce]

Road an field in Batken

Batken province is dividit admeenistratively intae 3 destricts:[6]:

Destrict Caipital Location
Kadamjay Destrict Pulgon East
Batken Destrict Batken Center
Leilek Destrict Isfana Wast

There are fower touns in Batken oblast: Batken, Isfana, Kyzyl-Kiya an Sulyukta. There are five urban-type settlements, includin Chauvay, Khaidarkan, Sovetskiy, Kadamjay an Vostochny.

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