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Naryn is the provincial admeenistrative centre o the Naryn Province in central Kyrgyzstan, wi a population o 52,300 (2008). It is situatit on baith banks o the Naryn River, (ane o the main heid waters o the Syr Darya), which cuts a picturesque gorge throu the toun. The ceety haes twa regional museums an some hotels, but is itherwise residential.

Fre Naryn, the main road (ane o the branches o the auncient Silk Road) runs sooth throu the sparsely settled central Kyrgyz hielands tae the Torugart Pass an Cheenae. At present, this is the main transport link frae Kyrgyzstan tae Cheenae.

Statue in the main square o Naryn

Naryn hosts ane o three campuses o the University o Central Asie (UCA). The University wis foondit in 2000 bi the governments o Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic an Tajikistan, an His Heichness the Aga Khan. It is the warld’s first internaitionally chartered institution o heicher education. The UCA currently operates a School o Professional an Continuin Education (SPCE) Archived 2006-10-19 at the Wayback Machine, wi a School o Unnergraduate Studies an a Graduate School o Development in the process o bein established.

Apairtment buildings in Naryn.

The ceety haes a bandy club.[1] Archived 2005-08-28 at the Wayback Machine

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Coordinates: 41°26′00″N 76°00′00″E / 41.4333°N 76°E / 41.4333; 76