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Caipital Ceity
Clockwise frae top: Bird's-eye view o Kathmandu; Sadhus; Narayanhity Palace Museum; Swayambhunath Stupa at nicht; Boudhanath Stupa wi a partial panaroma o Kathmandu ahint it; The Shanker Hotel; Pashupatinath Temple; Boudhanath Stupa; Patan Durbar Square
Clockwise frae top: Bird's-eye view o Kathmandu; Sadhus; Narayanhity Palace Museum; Swayambhunath Stupa at nicht; Boudhanath Stupa wi a partial panaroma o Kathmandu ahint it; The Shanker Hotel; Pashupatinath Temple; Boudhanath Stupa; Patan Durbar Square
Ma legacy, ma pride, ma Kathmandu
Kathmandu is located in Nepal
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 27°42′N 85°20′E / 27.700°N 85.333°E / 27.700; 85.333Coordinates: 27°42′N 85°20′E / 27.700°N 85.333°E / 27.700; 85.333
Kintra   Nepal
Development RegionCentral
ZoneBagmati Zone
DestrictKathmandu Destrict
HDIIncrease 0.710 Heich [2]
HPIDecrease 25.8 Law
Literacy RateIncrease 98% Heich
Established900s AD[3]
 • Chief Executive OfficerKedar Bhahadur Adhikari
 • Total50.67 km2 (19.56 sq mi)
1400 m (4,600 ft)
 • Total1,006,656[1]
 • Density19866.9/km2 (51,455/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)
Postal Code
44600 (GPO), 44601, 44602, 44604, 44605, 44606, 44608, 44609, 44610, 44611, 44613, 44614, 44615, 44616, 44617, 44618, 44619, 44620, 44621
Area code(s)+1

Kathmandu (Nepali: काठमांडौ [kɑːʈʰmɑːɳɖuː]; Nepal Bhasa: येँ महानगरपालिका) is the caipital an lairgest metropolitan ceity o Nepal. The ceity is the urban core o the Kathmandu Valley in the Himalayas, which forby contains twa sister ceities namely Patan or Lalitpur, 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) tae its sootheast (an auncient ceity o fine airts an crafts) an Bhaktapur, 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) tae its east (ceity o devotees). It is acronymed as 'KTM' an named 'tri-ceity' an aw.[4] Kathmandu valley is anerlie slichtly smawer than Singapore in terms o aurie.

The ceity staunds at an elevation o approximately 1,400 metres (4,600 ft) in the bowl-shaped valley in central Nepal surroondit bi fower major muntains, namely: Shivapuri, Phulchowki, Nagarjun an Chandragiri. It is inhabitit bi 949,486 (2009) fowk. The Kathmandu valley wi its three destricts includin Kathmandu Destrict accoonts for a population density o anerlie 97 per km2 whauras Kathmandu metropolitan ceity haes a density o 13,225 per km2. It is bi far the lairgest urban agglomerate in Nepal, accoontin for 20% o the urban population in an aurie o 5,067 hectares (12,520 acres) (50.67 square kilometres (19.56 sq mi)).[5][6][7][8]

Kathmandu is no anerlie the caipital o the Federal Democratic Republic o Nepal but the heidquarters o the Central Region (Madhyamanchal) amang the five development regions constitutit bi the 14 admeenistrative zones o Nepal locatit at the central pairt o the kintra an aw. The Central region haes three zones namely, Bagmati, Narayani an Janakpur. Kathmandu is locatit in the Bagmati Zone.[9]

Kathmandu, as the gateway tae Nepal Tourism, is the nerve centre o the kintra’s economy. Wi the maist advanced infrastructure amang urban auries in Nepal, Kathmandu's economy is tourism centric accoontin for 3.8% o the GDP in 1995–96.

The ceity’s rich history is nearly 2000 year auld, as inferred frae an inscription in the valley. Its releegious affiliations are dominantly Hindu follaed bi Buddhism. Fowk o ither releegious beliefs live in Kathmandu an aw, givin it a cosmopolitan cultur. Nepali is the common leid o the ceity, tho mony speak the Nepal Bhasa Newari as it is the centre o the Newar (meanin: ceetizens o Nepal) fowk an cultur. Inglis an Hindi are unnerstood bi aw o the educatit population o the ceity. Besides a significant nummer o the population speaks ony o the foreign leids lik : French, German, Cheenese, Ebreu, Korean etc. The literacy rate is 98% in the ceity.[6]

Kathmandu is nou the premier cultural an economic hub o Nepal an is considered tae hae the maist advanced infrastructure amang urban auries in Nepal. Frae the pynt o view o tourism, economy an cultural heritage, the sister ceities o Patan(lalitpur) an Bhaktapur are integral tae Kathmandu. Even the cultural heritage recognition unner the Warld Heritage leet o the UNESCO haes recognised aw the monuments in the three urban agglomerates as ane unit unner the title “Kathmandu Valley-UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid.[10][11]

Toponymy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceity o Kathmandu is named efter a structure in Durbar Square cawed Kasthamandap. In Sanskrit, Kastha (काष्ठ) is "wood" an Mandap (मंडप/मण्डप) is "covered shelter." This unique temple, kent as Maru Sthal an aw, wis biggit in 1596 bi Keeng Laxmi Narsingh Malla. The entire structur contains nae iron nails or supports an is made entirely frae wid. Legend haes it that the timmer uised for this twa-story pagoda wis obtained frae a single tree.[12]

Kathmandu is whiles cawed "Kantipur" an aw. "Kanti" is an alternate name o the Goddess Lakshmi, an "pur" means the place whaur sic a goddess resides. Sicweys, the name Kantipur demonstrates the auncient belief that it is the place whaur Lakshmi dwells.

"Yen" is its oreeginal name, which wis gien tae it afore introduction o Sanskritized cultur, bi the indigenous fowk, the Newars. Meanin an significance o it is still unkent an unner debate. The locals, in thair day-tae-day life still caw thair ceity name as Yen, an sicweys the Nepalbhasha version o the name o the metropolis is Yen Mahanagarpalika.

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

fitbaa an cricket are the maist popular sports amang the younger generation in Nepal an thare are several stadiums in the ceity.[13] The sport is govrened bi the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) frae its heidquarters in Kathmandu. The anerlie internaitional fitbaa stadium in the ceity is the Dasarath Rangasala Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium uised maistly for fitbaa matches an cultural an entertainment programs in the neighborhuid o Tripureshwor. It is the lairgest stadium in Nepal wi a capacity o 25,000 an wis biggit in 1956. Martyr's Memorial League is held in this grund ivery year an aw. The stadium wis renovatit wi the help o Cheenaee afore the 8t Soouh Asian Games wur held in Kathmandu an haed floodlights installed sae that it is able tae organise matches an events in the forenuins. Kathmandu is hame tae the auldest fitbaa clubs o Nepal sic as RCT, Sankata, NRT. Besides thir, maist o ither prominent fitbaa clubs sic as MMC, Machhindra FC, Tribhuwan Airmy Club (TAC), MPC etc.

Cricket is vera popular in Kathmandu an aw. Nepal's U-18 Cricket team is kent tae be ane o the best. Even tho Nepal Soccer haes no improved at aw, Nepal cricket haes improved a lot ower thir years, an it is capturin the een o mair an mair youth in the kintra. It haes acome lik wha basebaw is tae Americae, an amaist as hou fitbaa is tae Europe. Kathmandu is hame o some o the auldest cricket clubs o Nepal sic as Yengal Sports club an aw.

Sports complexes in Kathmandu are no well maintained an maist o them are no up-tae-date acause o the lack o fundin frae the govrenment or ither soorces.

Anither internaitional stadium for soummin events, is locatit in Satdobato, Lalitpur near Kathmandu. ANFA Technical Football Centre is locatit juist adjacent tae this stadium.

Internaitional relations[eedit | eedit soorce]

Twin touns an sister ceities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Reportit an discussed bi Narayan Sharma, Lunnon Metropolitan Varsity, Lunnon

Kathmandu is twinned wi:

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