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Isfahan or Sepahan (Persie: اصفهان Esfahān), historically an aa rendered in Inglis as Ispahan or Hispahan, is a ceety locatit aboot 340 km sooth o Tehran an is the caipital o Isfahan Province an Iran's third lairgest ceety (efter Tehran an Mashhad). Isfahan ceety haed a population o 1,583,609 an the Isfahan metropolitan aurie haed a population o 3,430,353 in the 2006 Census, the seicont maist populous metropolitan aurie in Iran efter Tehran.[1]

The ceeties o Najafabad, Si-deh (Homayounshahr (renamed Khomeinishahr syne 1981), Khan Isfahan, Shahin-shahr, Zarrinshahr, Mobarakeh, Falavarjan an Fouladshahr aw constitute the metropolitan ceety o Isfahan.

Isfahan is locatit on the main north-sooth an east-wast routes crossin Iran, an wis ance ane o the lairgest ceeties in the warld. It flourished frae 1050 tae 1722, particularly in the 16t century unner the Safavid dynasty, when it became the caipital o Persie for the seicont time in its history. Even the day, the ceety retains muckle o its past glory. It is famous for its Islamic architecture, wi mony bonnie boulevards, covered brigs, palaces, mosques, an minarets. This led tae the Persian proverb "'Esfahān nesf-e jahān ast" (Isfahan is hauf o the warld).[2]

The Naghsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan is ane o the biggest ceety squares in the warld an an ootstaundin example o Iranian an Islamic architecture. It haes been designatit bi UNESCO as a Warld Heritage Site. The ceety an aa haes a wide variety o historic monuments.

Twin towns — Sister cities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Isfahan is twinned wi:

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