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Federal Territory o Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Clockwise frae top left: Petronas Twin Towers, Petaling Street, Masjid Jamek an Gombak/Klang river confluence, Naitional Monument, Naitional Mosque, skyline o KL. Centre: KL Tower


Nickname(s): KL, Garden Ceety o Lichts
Motto: Maju dan Makmur
(Scots: Progress an Prosper)
Kuala Lumpur is located in Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Location in Malaysie
Coordinates: 3°8′51″N 101°41′36″E / 3.14750°N 101.69333°E / 3.14750; 101.69333Coordinates: 3°8′51″N 101°41′36″E / 3.14750°N 101.69333°E / 3.14750; 101.69333
Kintra Malaysie
State Federal Territory
Establishment 1857
Grantit ceety status 1 Februar 1972
Grantit Federal Territory 1 Februar 1974
 • Mayor (Datuk Bandar) Ahmad Phesal Talib[1][2]
From 18 July 2012
 • Ceety 243 km2 (94 sq mi)
 • Metro 2,793.27 km2 (1,078.49 sq mi)
Elevation 21.95 m (72 ft)
Population (2010)[4]
 • Ceety 1,627,172 (1st)
 • Density 6,696/km2 (18,912/sq mi)
 • Metro 7,239,871
 • Metro density 2,591.9/km2 (6,713/sq mi)
 • Demonym KL-ite / Kuala Lumpurian
Human Development Index
 • HDI (2010) 0.795 (very high) (2nt)
Time zone MST (UTC+8)
 • Summer (DST) No observit (UTC+8)
Postal code 5xxxx
Mean solar time UTC + 06:46:48
Naitional cawin code 03
License plate prefix W (for all vehicles except taxis)
HW (for taxis only)
ISO 3166-2 MY-14
Website www.dbkl.gov.my

Kuala Lumpur (translatit as: "muddy confluence" or "muddy estuary"; pronounced /ˈkwɑːləlʊmˈpʊər/ in Inglis;[5] Malay [kwɑlɑlʊmpʊ], locally [kwɑləlʊmpɔ] or even [kɔlɔmpɔ],[6] and eften abbreviated as K.L.) is the caipital an the lairgest ceety o Malaysie in terms o population.[7] The ceety proper, makin up an aurie o 244 km2 (94 sq mi), haes an estimatit population o 1.6 million in 2006.[8] Greater Kuala Lumpur, an' a' kent as the Klang Valley, is an urban agglomeration o 7.2 million.[9] It is the fastest growin metropolitan region in the kintra, in terms o population an economy.

Kuala Lumpur is the seat o the Parliament o Malaysie. The ceety wis ance hame tae the executive an judicial branches o the federal government, but they hae syne moved tae Putrajaya stairtin in 1999.[10] Some sections o the judiciary remain in the caipital. The offeecial residence o the Malaysian Keeng, the Istana Negara, is an aa situatit in Kuala Lumpur. Ratit as an alpha warld ceety, Kuala Lumpur is the cultural, financial an economic centre o Malaysie due tae its position as the caipital as well as being a primate ceety.

Kuala Lumpur is defined athin the borders o the Federal Territory o Kuala Lumpur an is ane o three Malaysian Federal Territories. It is an enclave athin the state o Selangor, on the central wast coast o Peninsular Malaysie.[11] Residents o the ceety are colloquially kent as KLites.[12]

Syne the 1990s, the ceety haes played host tae mony internaitional sportin, poleetical an cultural events includin the 1998 Commonwealth Games an the Formula Ane Warld Championship. In addition, Kuala Lumpur is hame tae the tallest twin biggins in the warld, the Petronas Twin Towers, which hae become a seembol o Malaysie's development.

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