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  • חוֹלוֹן
  • حولون
Hebrew transcription(s)
 • ISO 259Ḥolon
Official logo of Holon
Holon is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°01′N 34°46′E / 32.017°N 34.767°E / 32.017; 34.767Coordinates: 32°01′N 34°46′E / 32.017°N 34.767°E / 32.017; 34.767
Destrict Tel Aviv
 • TeepCeety (frae 1950)
 • Total18.927 km2 (7.308 sq mi)
 • Total188,834
 • Density10,000/km2 (26,000/sq mi)
Name meanin(Little) sand
Location o Holon in the Tel Aviv Destrict

Holon (Hebrew: חוֹלוֹןAboot this soond(audio) ) is a ceety in Israel, on the central coastal strip sooth o Tel Aviv. Holon is pairt o the metropolitan aurie kent as Gush Dan in the Tel Aviv Destrict. In 2015 it haed a population o 188,834. Holon haes the seicont lairgest industrial zone in Israel, efter Haifa.


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The name o the ceety comes frae the Ebreu wird holon, meanin "(Little) saund". The name Holon an aa appears in the Bible: "And Holon wi its suburbs, an Debir wi its suburbs" (Beuk o Joshua, 21:15).[2]


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Holon wis foondit on saund dunes sax kilometers frae Tel Aviv in 1935.[3] The Łódzia textile factory wis established thare bi Jewish immigrants frae Łódź, Poland, alang wi mony ither industrial enterprises.[3] In the early months o the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, Holon wis on the front line, wi constant shootin goin on the mairch wi the veelage o Tel A-Rish tae its northwast—a suburb o Arab Jaffa—an clashes an aa in the direction o the toun o Yazur tae the east. An attack bi the Holon-based Hagana militia units on Tel A-Rish wis repulsed wi considerable losses. Housomeivver, the faw o Jaffa—center o the Palestinian Arab forces in this region—tae an attack launcht frae Tel Aviv precipitatit the faw o baith Tel A-Rish. Efter the establishment o the state, Holon expandit tae include Tel A-Rish (renamed "Tel Giborim", "The Mound o the Heroes") an the orange groves o Yazur. In the 1950s, the ceety wis populatit bi Jewish immigrants frae Arab kintras.

Urban development

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New neighborhood in Holon

Holon, an important pairt o the Tel Aviv metropolitan aurie, is experiencin a new burst o biggin on the remainin saund dunes tae its sooth, creatin a continuum wi Rishon Lezion. Environmentalist groups hae been campaignin tae preserve some o the saund dunes, wi thair unique flora an fauna, an prevent them frae aw bein engulfed bi the real estate boom.

Local govrenment

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Yanshul, seembol o the Holon Children's Museum
Mediatheque cultural center

Holon uised tae host the annual Storytellers Festival, nouw held in Giv'atayim. It an aa hosts the annual Yemay Zemer sang festival an a spring festival devotit tae weemen. Daniel Barenboim organizes an annual simmer muisic camp in the ceety. Synee the election o Moti Sasson as the mayor o Holon in 1993, mony cultural projects hae been inauguratit. Billin itsel as a "children's ceety," Holon is hame tae the Holon Children's Museum an the Mediatheque youth theater.[4] Holon an aa plays host each year tae a street carnival in celebration o the Jewish holiday o Purim, the Adloyada. Thoosans o children dress up in costumes an the streets close doun for a parade featurin colorful floats. The ceety haes mony pairks an lush greenery. The pairk on the corner o streets HaHistadrut an Eilat is famed for the backgammon or "shesh besh" tournaments which tak place daily. The Holon cemetery contains memorials for Jewish communities wiped oot in the Holocaust.


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Holon is surroondit bi a few interceety roads. The main road servin the ceety is the Ayalon Expressway, passin alangside Holon's wastern border. Road 44 passes bi on the northeastren side o the ceety, connectin it wi Lod an Ramle. Road 4 passes bi on the eastren border. Holon's public transport is based solely on bus service, operatit bi baith Egged an Dan transport companies. The majority o the bus routes are regional, connectin the ceety tae neighborin ceeties in the metropolitan aurie, but thare are an aa a few local routes. Train service tae the ceety is planned tae be established in 2011, wi the openin o the "Tel Aviv—Wast Rishon Le Zion" suburban line. Fower stations wad serve the ceety: "Sha'ar Holon" at the northren main entrance tae the ceety, an "Wolfson", "Yoseftal" an "Komemiyut" alang the wastren side.

Samaritan community

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Holon's Samaritan synagogue

In 1954, the preses o Israel, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi helped tae establish a Samaritan quarter on the ootskirts o Holon. The quarter wis named Neve Pinchas efter Pinhas Ben-Abraham, the heich priest o the Samaritan community.[5] Holon is ane o ae twa ceeties in the warld tae hae a Samaritan community, the ither bein the veelage o Kiryat Luza on Munt Gerizim abuin Nablus on the Wast Bank. That community fled Nablus for Kiryat Luza follaein the ootbreak o the First Intifada (1987–1993).

Notable residents

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David D'Or

Twin ceeties

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Sister ceety shields at the ceety entrance

Pairtnership o kindness wi:

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