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(Reguidit frae Guangdong Province)
Guangdong Province

Name transcription(s)
 • Cheenese广东省 (Guǎngdōng Shěng)
 • Abbreviationsimplifeed Cheenese: ; traditeeonal Cheenese: (pinyin: Yuè, Jyutping: Jyut6, Yale: Yuht)
 •  Cantonese Jyutping: Gwong2 Dung1 Saang2
Cantonese Yale: Gwóngdūng Sáang
Map shawin the location o Guangdong Province
Map shawin the location o Guangdong Province
Named for广 guǎng - "Wide"
东 dōng- "East"
Lit. "The Eastern Expanse"
(an lairgest ceety)
Divisions21 prefecturs, 121 coonties, 1642 tounships
 • SecretarWang Yang
 • GovrenorZhu Xiaodan
 • Total177900 km2 (68,700 sq mi)
Area rank15th
 • Total104,303,132
 • Rank1st
 • Density590/km2 (1,500/sq mi)
 • Density rank7th
 • Ethnic composeetionHan - 99%
Zhuang - 0.7%
Yao - 0.2%
 • Leids an dialectsCantonese
ISO 3166 codeCN-44
GDP (2011)CNY 5.30 trillion
US$ 838.60 billion[1] (1st)
 • per capitaCNY 50,295
US$ 7,787 (8th)
HDI (2008)0.844 (high) (4th)
(Simplifeed Cheenese characters)
Semplifeed Cheenese广东
Tradeetional Cheenese廣東
JyutpingGwong2 Dung1
Cantonese YaleGwóngdūng
Hanyu PinyinGuǎngdōng
PostalCanton, Kwangtung

Guangdong is a province on the Sooth Cheenae Sea coast o the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae. The province wis previously aften written wi the alternative Inglis name Kwangtung. It surpassed Henan an Sichuan tae acome the maist populous province in Cheenae in Januar 2005, registerin 79 million permanent residents an 31 million migrants who livit in the province for at least sax month o the year.[2][3] The provincial caipital Guangzhou an economic hub Shenzhen are amangst the maist populous an important ceeties in Cheenae.

Syne 1989 Guangdong haes toppit the tot GDP rankins amang aw provincial-level diveesions, wi Jiangsu an Shandong seicont an third in rank. Accordin tae provincial annual preliminary statistics,[4] Guangdong's GDP in 2010 reached CNY 4,550 billion, or USD 689.02 billion, makkin its economy roughly the same size as that o Turkey or Indonesie.[5] Guangdong haes the fowert heichest GDP per caipita amang aw provinces o mainland Cheenae, efter Jiangsu, Zhejiang an Liaoning. The province contributes approximately 12% o the PRC's naitional economic ootput, an is hame tae the production facilities an offices o a wide-rangin set o multinaitional an Cheenese corporations. Guangdong hosts the lairgest Import an Export Fair in Cheenae an aw cried the Canton Fair in Guangdong's caipital ceety Guangzhou.

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

"Guang" itsel means "expanse" or "vast", an haes been associatit wi the region syne the creation o Guang Prefectur in AD 226. "Guangdong" an neebourin Guangxi literally mean "expanse east" an "expanse wast". Thegither, Guangdong an Guangxi are cried the "Dual-Guangs" (兩廣 liăng guăng). Durin the Sang dynasty, the twa Guangs wur formally separatit as Guangnan Dong lu (廣南東路) an Guangnan Xi lu (廣南西路), which became abbreviatit as Guangdong lu (廣東路) an Guangxi lu (廣西路). The modren abbreviation 粤/粵 (Yue) is a shortened form o Baiyue (百越), a collective name for various fowks that livit in soothren Cheenae in auncient times.

Prior tae the introduction o Hanyu Pinyin, the province wis kent as Kwangtung Province. Ane shoud note that Canton, tho etymologically derivit frae a Portuguese transliteration o "Guangdong", refers anerlie tae the provincial caipital insteid o the whole province, as documentit bi authoritative Inglis dictionaries. The local fowk o the ceety o Guangzhou (Canton) an thair leid are still commonly referred tae as Cantonese in Inglis. Acause o the prestige o Canton an its accent, Cantonese sensu lato can be uised for the phylogenetically relatit residents an Cheenese dialects ootside the provincial caipital an aw.

Admeenistrative divesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cairt # Name Admeenistrative Seat Hanzi
Hanyu Pinyin
Population (2010)
Sub-provincial ceety
9 Guangzhou Yuexiu Destrict 广州市
Guǎngzhōu Shì
21 Shenzhen Futian Destrict 深圳市
Shēnzhèn Shì
Prefecture-level city
1 Qingyuan Qingcheng Destrict 清远市
Qīngyuǎn Shì
2 Shaoguan Zhenjiang Destrict 韶关市
Sháoguān Shì
3 Heyuan Yuancheng Destrict 河源市
Héyuán Shì
4 Meizhou Meijiang Destrict 梅州市
Méizhōu Shì
5 Chaozhou Fengxi Destrict 潮州市
Cháozhōu Shì
6 Zhaoqing Duanzhou Destrict 肇庆市
Zhàoqìng Shì
7 Yunfu Yuncheng Destrict 云浮市
Yúnfú Shì
8 Foshan Chancheng Destrict 佛山市
Fóshān Shì
10 Dongguan Dongguan
(Nancheng Destrict)
Dōngguǎn Shì
11 Huizhou Huicheng Destrict 惠州市
Hùizhōu Shì
12 Shanwei Chengqu Destrict 汕尾市
Shànwěi Shì
13 Jieyang Rongcheng District 揭阳市
Jiēyáng Shì
14 Shantou Jinping Destrict 汕头市
Shàntóu Shì
15 Zhanjiang Chikan Destrict 湛江市
Zhànjiāng Shì
16 Maoming Maonan Destrict 茂名市
Màomíng Shì
17 Yangjiang Jiangcheng Destrict 阳江市
Yángjiāng Shì
18 Jiangmen Pengjiang Destrict 江门市
Jiāngmén Shì
19 Zhongshan Zhongshan
(Dongqu Destrict)
Zhōngshān Shì
20 Zhuhai Xiangzhou Destrict 珠海市
Zhūhǎi Shì

The abuin diveesion govren, in tot, 49 destricts, 30 coonty-level ceeties, 42 coonties, an three autonomous coonties. For coonty-level diveesions, see the leet o admeenistrative diveesions o Guangdong.

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