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Hunan Province

Name transcription(s)
 • Cheenese湖南省 (Húnán Shěng)
 • Abbreviation湘 (pinyin: Xiāng)
Map shawin the location o Hunan Province
Map shawin the location o Hunan Province
Named for湖 hú - lake
南 nán - south
"south of Lake Dongting"
(an lairgest ceety)
Divisions14 prefecturs, 122 coonties, 2576 tounships
 • SecretarZhou Qiang
 • GovrenorXu Shousheng
 • Total211800 km2 (81,800 sq mi)
Area rank10th
 • Total65,683,722
 • Rank7t
 • Density310/km2 (800/sq mi)
 • Density rank13t
 • Ethnic composeetionHan - 90%
Tujia - 4%
Miao - 3%
Dong - 1%
Yao - 1%
 • Leids an dialectsXiang Cheenese
ISO 3166 codeCN-43
GDP (2011)CNY 1.90 trillion
US$ 300 billion (10t)
 • per capitaCNY 24,719
US$ 3,652 (20t)
HDI (2008)0.781 (medium) (19t)
Websitehttp://www.enghunan.gov.cn/ (Inglis)

Aboot this soondHunan  (Cheenese: 湖南; pinyin: Húnán) is a province o Sooth-Central Cheenae, locatit tae the sooth o the middle reaches o the Yangtze River an sooth o Lake Dongting (hence the name Hunan, meanin "sooth o the lake"[1]). Hunan is whiles cried an offeecially abbreviatit as "" (pinyin: Xiāng) for short,[2] efter the Xiang River which runs throu the province.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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