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The Hmong (pronounced [m̥ɔ̃ŋ]), are an Asian ethnic group frae the muntainous regions o Cheenae, Vietnam, Laos, an Thailand. Hmong are an aa ane o the sub-groups o the Miao ethnicity (苗族) in soothren Cheenae. Hmong groups began a gradual soothward migration in the 18t century due tae poleetical unrest an tae find mair arable land.

A number o Hmong fowk fought against the communist-naitionalist Pathet Lao durin the Laotian Ceevil War. Hmong fowk wur singled oot for retribution when the Pathet Lao teuk ower the Laotian government in 1975, an tens o thoosans fled tae Thailand seekin poleetical asylum. Thoosans o these refugees hae resettled in Wastren kintras since the late 1970s, maistly the Unitit States but an aa Australie, Fraunce, French Guiana, an Canadae. Ithers hae been returned tae Laos unner Unitit Naitions-sponsored repatriation programs. Aroond 8,000 Hmong refugees remain in Thailand.