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No tae be ramfeeselt wi the neehbourin province o Shaanxi.
Shanxi Province
Name transcription(s)
 • Cheenese 山西省 (Shānxī Shěng)
 • Abbreviation simplifeed Cheenese: ; traditeeonal Cheenese: (pinyin: Jìn)
Map shawin the location o Shanxi Province
Map shawin the location o Shanxi Province
Named for 山 shān - mountain
西 xī - west
"wast o the Taihang Muntains"
(an lairgest ceety)
Divisions 11 prefecturs, 119 coonties, 1388 tounships
 • Secretar Yuan Chunqing
 • Govrenor Wang Jun
 • Total 156,800 km2 (60,500 sq mi)
Aurie rank 19t
Population (2010)
 • Tot 35,712,111
 • Rank 18t
 • Density 230/km2 (590/sq mi)
 • Density rank 19t
 • Ethnic composeetion Han - 99.7%
Hui - 0.2%
ISO 3166 code CN-14
GDP (2011) CNY 1110.0 billion
US$ 176.2 billion (21st)
 • per capita CNY 26,283
US$ 3,883 (17t)
HDI (2008) 0.800 (high) (14t)
Wabsteid (Chinese)

Aboot this soondShanxi  (Cheenese: 山西; pinyin: Shānxī; Wade–Giles: Shan-hsi; Postal map spelling: Shansi) is a province o the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae, locatit in the North Cheenae region. Its one-character abbreviation is "晋" (pinyin: Jìn), efter the state o Jin that existit here durin the Ware an Hairst Period.

The name Shanxi literally means "muntain's wast", which refers tae the province's location wast o the Taihang Muntains.[1] Shanxi borders Hebei tae the east, Henan tae the sooth, Shaanxi tae the wast, an Inner Mongolie tae the north an is made up mainly o a plateau bundit pairtly bi muntain ranges. The caipital o the province is Taiyuan.

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