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Qinghai Province
Cheenese : 青海省
Qīnghǎi Shěng
Abbreviations:   (pinyin: Qīng)
Qinghai is heichlichtit on this map
Oreegin o name Frae Khoshut Oirat Köknuur:
Köke - blue
Nuur - Lake
"blue lake" (Qinghai Lake)
In Cheenese:
青 qīng - green/blue
海 hǎi - sea
"qing (blue/green/black) sea"
Admeenistration type Province
(an lairgest ceety)
CPC Ctte Secretary Qiang Wei
Governor Luo Huining
Aurie 721,000 km2 (278,000 sq mi) (4t)
 - Latitude 31° 32' to 39° 20' N
 - Longitude 089° 24' to 103° 04' E
Population (2010)
 - Density
5,626,722 (30t)
7.48/km2 (19.4/sq mi) (30t)
GDP (2011)
 - per caipita
CNY 163.4 billion
US$ 25.9 billion (30t)
CNY 24,115
US$ 3,562 (22nt)
HDI (2008) 0.720 (medium) (27t)
Ethnic composition Han - 54%
Tibetan - 21%
Hui - 16%
Tu - 4%
Salar - 1.8%
Mongols - 1.8%
Leids an dialects {{{Dialects}}}
Prefectural level 8 diveesions
Coonty level 43 diveesions
Tounship level* 429 diveesions
ISO 3166-2 CN-63
Offeecial wabsteid
(Simplifeed Cheenese)
Source for population and GDP data:
《中国统计年鉴—2005》 China Statistical Yearbook 2005
ISBN 7503747382
Source for nationalities data:
《2000年人口普查中国民族人口资料》 Tabulation on nationalities of 2000 population census of China
ISBN 7105054255
*As at December 31, 2004
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Cheenese name
Cheenese 青海
Hanyu Pinyin Qīnghǎi
Postal Tsinghai
Tibetan name
Tibetan མཚོ་སྔོན་
Mongolian name
Mongolian Köke Naγur
Manchu name
Manchu script Huhu Noor

Qinghai (Aboot this soond listen ) (Cheenese: Cheenese: 青海, pronounced [tɕʰíŋxàɪ̯]); Oirat Mongolie: Көкнуур (transcribit intae Cyrillic); Tibetan: མཚོ་སྔོན་; Salar:) is a province o the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae, named efter Qinghai Lake.

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