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Emblem o Togo

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Coat o airms o Togo.

The Naitional Emblem o Togo wis adoptit on 14 Mairch 1962.

In the device, thare are twa reid lions tae be seen, whilk seembolise the bravery o the fowk. The bow an arrae caw for aw ceetizens tae be active in the defence o freedom o the kintra. Atween the lions is a gowden shield wi the letters RT (République Togolaise) tae be seen. Abuin the banner o Togo is displayed twice. On the ribbon staunds "Union, Paix, Solidarité" (Unity, Peace, Solidarity). Earlier thare stuid in its place "Travail, Liberté, Patrie" (Wirk, Liberty, Hameland).