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The Emblem o Eritrea wis adoptit on 24 Mey 1993 on the occasion o the declaration o unthridom frae Ethiopie. The emblem mainly depicts a camel surroondit bi a wreath o laurel. Previously, as a colony o the Kinrick o Italy, traditional European heraldry haed been introduced, but bi 1952 the European heraldic tradeetions wur abandoned as ither emblems wur adoptit tae represent the region.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Eritrea wis first assigned a coat o airms in 1919 as a colony o the Kinrick o Italy. The shield wis pairtit in hauf horizontally, wi the tap portion displayin a reid lion chairged on his breast wi a white starn an the bottom hauf dividit intae sax wavy bars alternatin blue an white. The reid lion represents the Italian Kinrick, lions alludin tae the Italian Keeng who uised the beasts as supporters an reid bein a common colour associatit wi Italy an an' a' uised bi the rulin Hoose o Savoy. The starn haes lang been a seembol o the Italian fowk, kent as the Stellone d'Italia, which protects an guards the naition. The bottom portion displaying blue an white wavy bars is a common heraldic depiction representin watter, an alludes tae the oreegins o the colony's name. Eritrea is derived frae the Latin Erythræa, the name applee'd tae the Reid Sea in antiquity; the colony wis named sae for its coastline alang that body o watter.[1]

Durin the Fascist regime o Italy, which began in 1926, the airms wur augmentit wi seembols o the new govrenment. A reid chief wis addit, which wis chairged wi fasces an laurel wreath. Eritrea wis then absorbed intae the colony o Italian East Africae in 1936, reducin it tae a province o the new an lairger colony. In 1941, when the province wis liberatit an placed unner Breetish admeenistration, the fascist chief wis promptly removed an the oreeginal airms wur again employed. In 1951, the process o annexation bi Ethiopie began, an the airms continued in uise till the follaein year.[1]

Durin the annexation period, frae 1952 tae 1962, an emblem wis adoptit that consistit o a vertical olive branch encircled bi an olive wreath. This emblem is uised still on the naition's banner.[1]

The modren emblem wis adoptit 24 Mey 1993, the date o the declaration o unthirldom frae Ethiopie. It shows a scene o a dromedary camel in the desert, which is surroondit bi an olive wreath. The camel wis the beast o burden uised durin the war o unthrildom frae Ethiopie tae transport supplies an guids, an wis seen as bein instrumental tae the movements success an the seembol o the naitionalists.[2] The name o the kintra appears on a scroll towards the bottom o the emblem threefold, in Tigrinya, Inglis an Arabic, the three offeecial leids o the state.[1]

The heraldic achievement
o the Italian colony o
Eritrea frae 1919 tae 1926.
The coat o arms o
colonial an provincial
Eritrea frae 1926 tae 1941.
The heraldic device o the
Breetish admeenistration o
Eritrea frae 1941 tae 1952.
The emblem o Eritrea during
Ethiopean annexation frae
1952 tae 1962.

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