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Bolivie fowk

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Bolivies • Bolivianos
Tot population
(11 million +)
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Bolivie 10,907,778
(Spaingie), Bolivie Spaingie, numerous ithers
Catholicism, Evangelical, minorities o ither releegions.

Bolivie fowk (Bolivianos in Spaingie), cried Bolivies an aw, are the ceetizens o Bolivie. Amerindians inhabitie Bolivie territory for several millennia afore Spaingie Conquest in the 16t century. Spaniards an Africans arrivit in steady nummers unner colonial rule, mixin widely wi ilk ither an wi indigenous fowks.

The Bolivie population, estimatit at 10.9 milion is multiethnic, includin Amerindians, Mestizos, Europeans, Asies an Africans. The main leid spoken is Spaingie, awtho the Guarani, Aymara an Quechua leids are common an aw three, as well as 34 ither indigenous leids, are offeecial an aw. The lairge nummer o different culturs athin Bolivie haes contributit greatly tae a wide diversity in fields such as airt, cuisine, leeteratur, an muisic.

Ethnic groups

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Ethnic composition
File:Skun Colr Map Bolivia.PNG
Ethnic Map o Bolivie
Indigenous-Native fowks sel-identification ¹
Indigenous sel-identification 60 %
Nane sel-identification 40 %
Ethnic sel-identification ²
Mestizo 68 %
Indigenous 18 %
White 7 %
Cholo 2 %
Afro Bolivie 1 %
Ither 1 %
n/a 3 %
1 = National Census of Population and Living 2001, National Statistics Institute of Bolivia (INE).
2 = [2]

The ethnic composition o Bolivie includes a great diversity o culturs. Maist o the indigenous fowks hae assimilatit a mestizo cultur, diversifyin an expandin their indigenous heritage. Consequently, thare is in Bolivie a mix o culturs, which joins thegither Hispanic an Amerindian cultures.

The ethnic distribution o Bolivie is estimatit tae be 30% Quechua-speakin an 25% Aymara-speakin. The lairgest o the approximately three dozen native groups are the Quechuas (2.5 million), Aymaras (2 million), then Chiquitano (180,000), an Guaraní (125,000). So the full Amerindian population is at 55%; the remainin 30% are mestizo (mixed Amerindian an white), an aroond 15% are white.[3]


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  • Mestizo. Ethnic mix o indigenous fowk an Europeans or Europeans stryndents. They are distributit throuoot the entire kintra an compose the 26% o the Bolivie population. Maist fowk assume their mestizo identity while at the same time identifyin thairsels wi ane or mair indigenous culturs.


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Aroond 1,300,000 Bolivies are Spaingie strynd, an 500,000 are o German backgrund, an aroond 350,000 are Italian, 200,000 Portuguese, an aroond 50,000 Croatie strynd.

Black African

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Indigenous fowks

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The Indigenous fowks o Bolivie are dividit intae twa different ethnic groups; the Andeans, which are locatit in the Andean Altiplano an the glen region an the ethnic cultur o the oriental Llanos region, which inhabit the wairm regions o eastren Bolivie (Gran Chaco).

  • Andean ethnies
    • Aymaras. They live on the heich plateau o the depairtments o La Paz, Oruro an Potosí, as well as some sma regions near the tropical flatlands.
    • Quechuas. They inhabit maistly the glens on Cochabamba an Chuquisaca. They inhabit some muntain regions in Potosí an Oruro an aw. They divide thairsels intae different quechua nations, as the Tarabucos, Ucumaris, Chalchas, Chaquies, Yralipes, Tirinas, amang ithers.
  • Ethnies o the Oriental Llanos
    • Guaraníes. Formit bi: Guarayos, Pausernas, Sirionos, Chiriguanos, Wichí, Chulipis, Taipetes, Tobas an Yuquis.
    • Tacanas: Formit bi: Lecos, Chimanes, Araonas an Maropas.
    • Panos: Formit bi: Chacobos, Caripunas, Sinabos, Capuibos an Guacanaguas.
    • Aruacos: Formit bi: Apolistas, Baures, Moxos, Chané, Movimas, Cayabayas, Carabecas, Paiconecas or Paucanacas.
    • Chapacuras: Formit bi: Itenez or More, Chapacuras, Sansinonianos, Canichanas, Itonamas, Yuracares, Guatoses an Chiquitos.
    • Botocudos: Formit bi: Bororos y Otuquis.
    • Zamucos: Formit bi: Ayoreos.
Main Indigenous an Afro Bolive fowks frae Bolivie
Group Population % Group Population %
1 Quechua 1.558.277 15,54% 6 Afro Bolivie 22.000 0,22%
2 Aymara 1.098.317 10,95% 7 Movima 10.152 0,11%
3 Chiquitano 184.288 1,84% 8 Guarayo 9.863 0,10%
4 Guaraní 133.393 1,33% 9 Chiman 4.528 0,05%
5 Moxo 76.073 0,76% 10 Tacana 3.056 0,03%
Source: Wigberto Rivero Pinto (2006) [1] Archived 2013-01-17 at the Wayback Machine


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The Roman Catholic kirk haes a dominant presence in releegion in Bolivie. While a vast majority o Bolivies are Catholic Christians, a hintle smawer portion o the population pairticipates actively. In the decades follaein the Seicont Vatican Cooncil (1962–65), the Kirk tried tae mak releegion a mair active force in social life.

A 2008 survey for Americas Barometer, wi 3,003 respondents an an error (+/- 1,8% )[5] returned these results:

Releegion Percentage Notes
Catholic 81.6%
Evangelic 10.3% Pentecostal, Nan-Catholic Charismatic
Nae releegion 3.3% Secular, Atheist
Protestant 2.6% Historic Protestant - Adventist, Baptist, Calvinist, Salvation Airmy, Lutheran, Methodist, Nazarene, Presbiterian
Mormon an Jehova's Witness 1.7%
Nan Christian 0.4% Bahá'í Faith, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu
Tradeetional releegions 0.1% Native releegions

Ither reviews o the population vary frae these specific results.[6]


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