Andy Murray

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Andy Murray
Andy Murray Tokyo 2011.jpg
Murray in 2011
Fou name Andrew Barron Murray
Kintra Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Breetain
Residence Lunnon, Ingland
Born 15 Mey 1987 (1987-05-15) (age 29)
Glasga, Scotland[1]
Hicht 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)
Turned pro 2005
Plays Richt-haundit (twa-haundit backhaund)
Prize money


Offeecial wabsteid
Career record 574–170
Career titles 26
Heichest rankin No. 2 (17 August 2009)
Current rankin No. 2 (1 Februar 2016)
Grand Slam Singles results
Australian Open F (2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016)
French Open SF (2011, 2014, 2015)
Wimbledon W (2013)
US Open W (2012)
Ither toornaments
Tour Finals SF (2008, 2010, 2012)
Olympic Gemmes Gold medal.svg Gowd Medal (2012)
Career record 65–67
Career titles 2
Heichest rankin No. 51 (17 October 2011)
Grand Slam Doubles results
Australian Open 1R (2006)
French Open 2R (2006)
Wimbledon 1R (2005)
US Open 2R (2008)
Ither Doubles toornaments
Olympic Games 2R (2008)
Mixed Doubles
Career record 7–4
Career titles 0
Grand Slam Mixed Doubles results
Wimbledon 2R (2006)
Ither Mixed Doubles tournaments
Olympic Gemmes Silver medal.svg Siller Medal (2012)
Team competeetions
Davis Cup W (2015)
Hopman Cup F (2010)
Last updatit on: 13 Mey 2013.
Olympic medal record
Competitor for  Great Breetain
Men's Tennis
Gowd 2012 Lunnon Singles
Siller 2012 Lunnon Mixed Doobles

Andrew Barron "Andy" Murray, OBE (born 15 Mey 1987),[3] is a Scots professional tennis player, currently rankit a career heich o Warld No. 2,[2] an is the Breetish No. 1.[4] He achieved a tap-10 rankin bi the Association o Tennis Professionals for the first time on 16 Aprile 2007, an reached a career peak o Warld No. 2 frae 17 tae 31 August 2009, an again frae 1 tae 22 Aprile 2013.[5] At the 2012 US Open, he acame the first Breetish player syne 1977, an the first Breetish man syne 1936, tae win a Grand Slam singles toornament, whan he defeatit Novak Djokovic in five sets.[6] This title maks him the anly Breetish male tae acome a Grand Slam singles champion durin the Open Era. At the 2012 Olympic Gemmes, Murray defeatit Roger Federer in straicht sets tae win the gowd medal in men's singles, acoming the first Breetish champion in ower 100 years. He an aa wan a siller medal in mixed doobles. He is the anly man in history tae win the Olympic gowd medal an the US Open teetle back-tae-back.

He haes been the runner-up in five ither singles Grand Slam finals: the 2008 US Open, the 2010 Australie Open, the 2011 Australie Open, 2012 Wimbledon an the 2013 Australie Open losin three tae Roger Federer an twa tae Novak Ðoković. In 2011, Murray acame anly the seivent player in the Open Era tae reach the semifinals o aw fower Grand Slam toornaments in ae year.[7]

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