US Open (tennis)

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USA Open
LocationNew York Ceety, New York,
Unitit States
VenueUSTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center
SurfaceGrass - ootduirs (1881–1974)
Clay - ootduirs (1975–1977)
DecoTurf - ootduirs (1978–present)
Prize moneyUS$22,063,000 (2011)
Draw128S / 128Q / 64D
Current championsSpain Rafael Nadal (singles)
Netherlands Jean-Julien Rojer
Romanie Horia Tecău (doobles)
Maist singles titles7
Richard Sears
Bill Larned
Bill Tilden
Maist doubles titles6
Richard Sears
James Dwight
Holcombe Ward
Draw128S / 128Q / 64D
Current championsUnited States Sloane Stephens (singles)
Cheenese Taipei Chan Yung-jan
Switzerland Martina Hingis (doobles)
Maist singles titles8
Molla Bjurstedt Mallory
Maist doubles titles13
Margaret Osborne duPont
Mixed Doubles
Current championsSwitzerland Martina Hingis
Unitit Kinrick Jamie Murray
Maist titles (male)4
Bill Tilden
Bill Talbert
Bob Bryan
Maist titles (female)8
Margaret Osborne duPont
Margaret Court

The Unitit States Open Tennis Championships is a hairdcoort tennis toornament which is the modren iteration o ane o the auldest tennis championships in the warld, the U.S. Naitional Championship, for which men's singles wis first contested in 1881. Syne 1987, the US Open haes been chronologically the fowert an final tennis major comprisin the Grand Slam each year; the ither three are the Australian Open, French Open an Wimbledon. It is held annually in late August an early September ower a twa-week period. The main toornament consists o five event championships: men's an weemen's singles, men's an weemen's doubles, an mixed doubles, wi addeetional toornaments for senior, junior, an wheelchair players. Syne 1978, the toornament haes been played on acrylic haird coorts at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center at New York Ceety, New York, Unitit States. The US Open is ained an organized by the USTA. Net proceeds frae heich ticket prices are uised tae promote the development o tennis in the Unitit States as the USTA is a nae-for-profit organization.

The US Open haes tiebreaks in every set, includin the last set. The ither three Grand Slam toornaments hae tiebreaks in every set ither than the last set (i.e. the fift set for men an third set for weemen), an tharefore thair last set continues indefinitely till a twa-gemme lead is reached.