Wastren Roman Empire

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Roman Empire
Senatus Populusque Romanus
Imperium Romanum
Wastren diveesion o the Roman Empire
Dio coin3.jpg

Tremissis depictin Flavius Julius Nepos (474-480),
the de jure last Emperor o the Wastren Coort

The Wastren Roman Empire at its greatest extent ca. AD 395
Caipital Mediolanum

Leids Laitin (offeecial)
Koine Greek, Aquitanian, Gaulish, Common Brittonic, Gothic, Neo-Punic
Releegion Roman releegion till 380
Christianity (state kirk) efter 380
Government Autocracy,
 -  395–423 Honorius
 -  475–476 Romulus Augustulus
 -  395 Flavius Anicius Hermogenianus Olybrius, Flavius Anicius Probinus
 -  476 Basiliscus, Flavius Armatus
Legislatur Roman Senate
Historical era Late Antiquity
 -  Diveesion o Diocletianus 285
 -  Diveesion efter Constantine I 337
 -  Diveesion bi Valentinian I 364
 -  Diveesion efter Theodosius I 395
 -  Deposeetion o Romulus Augustus 4 September 476
 -  395[1] 2,000,000 km² (772,204 sq mi)
Siller Roman currency
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Dio coin3.jpg Roman Empire
Kinrick o Italy (476-493)
Visigothic Kinrick
Domain o Soissons
Domain o Moor
Sub-Roman Breetain
Kinrick o Burgundy
Vandal Kinrick
Suebic Kinrick o Galicie
The day pairt o

In historiografie, the Wastren Roman Empire consists o the wastren provinces o the Roman Empire at ony ane time during which thay war admeenistered bi a separate independent Imperial coort, coequal wi (or anly nominally subordinate tae) that admeenisterin the eastren hauf.

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