Gothic leid

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RegionOium, Dacia, Pannonia, Dalmatia, Italy, Gallia Narbonensis, Gallia Aquitania, Hispania, Crimea, North Caucasus.
Extinctmaistly extinct bi the 8t or 9t centuries, last speakers ootside eastren Europe remained till the 10t century in northwast Iberian peninsula,[1] remnants mey hae lingered intae the 18t century in Crimea
Gothic alphabet
Leid codes
ISO 639-2got
ISO 639-3got
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Gothic is an extinct Eist Germanic leid that wis spoken bi the Goths.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Last speakers ootside eastren Europe war minority speakers o Visigothic an Vandalic varieties that residit in the Kinrick o Asturias, ane o the last survivin Barbarian kinricks that haed been increasinly adoptin Vulgar Laitin till its demise in 924.
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