Kinrick o Asturias

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Kinrick o Asturias

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Coat o airms o Asturias
Coat o airms
Motto: Hoc Signo Tuetur Pius, Hoc Signo Vincitur Inimicus
(Inglis: With this sign thou shalt defend the pious, with this sign thou shalt defeat the enemy)
CaipitalCangas de Onís, San Martín del Rey Aurelio, Pravia, Oviedo
Common leidsLaitin, Vulgar Laitin (Astur-Leonese, Galician-Portuguese, Castilian), Basque, a few speakers o Brythonic) an gothic)
• 718-737
Pelayo o Asturias
• 910-925
Fruela II o León
• Established
• Dividit
• Disestablished
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Visigothic Kinrick
Kinrick o León Coat o airms

The Kinrick of Asturias (Laitin: Regnum Asturorum) wis a Kinrick in the Iberian peninsula foondit in 718 bi Visigothic nobles unner the leadership o Pelagius o Asturias.[1] It wis the first Christian poleetical entity established follaein the collapse of the Visigothic kinrick efter Islamic conquest o Hispania. In 722, Pelagius subsequently defeatit an Umayyad patrol at the Battle o Covadonga, in what is uisually regardit as the beginnin o the Reconquista. The kinrick wis follaeed up in 924 bi the Kinrick o León when Fruela II acame king wi his ryal coort in León.

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