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Santa Rita do Sapucaí

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Santa Rita do Sapucaí
Official seal of Santa Rita do Sapucaí
Santa Rita
Location in the State o Minas Gerais
Location in the State o Minas Gerais
Coordinates: 22°15′07″S 45°42′10″W / 22.25194°S 45.70278°W / -22.25194; -45.70278Coordinates: 22°15′07″S 45°42′10″W / 22.25194°S 45.70278°W / -22.25194; -45.70278
Brasil Brazil
Minas Gerais Minas Gerais
Foondit24 Mey 1892
 • Total350.874 km2 (135.473 sq mi)
821 m (2,694 ft)
 • Total36,150
 • Density99.5/km2 (258/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (BST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-2 (BDT)
Postal Code

Santa Rita do Sapucaí (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈsɐ̃tɐ ˈʁitɐ ðu sɐpukɐˈi]) is a municipality situatit in the soothmaist pairt o the State o Minas Gerais. The ceety is kent as the "electronic valley", syne it haes plenty o electronic industries, an baith a technical schuil (ETE - Escola Técnica de Eletrônica Francisco Moreira da Costa) an a Varsity (Inatel - Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações) which hauld courses in electronic knawledge. It haes anither Varsity an aw - FAI, which haes majors in Admeenistration an Informatics.

Santa Rita haes a auld freemasonry fraternity, cried Loja Caridade Sul Mineira.

Accordin tae last census (2010), it haes a estimatit population o 37 thoosan fowk.

The toun haulds the Festa de Santa Rita ivery year in Mey, which attracts fowk tae the toun.

Carnival (Portuguese: Carnaval) in Santa Rita is a vera celebratit pairty an aw, tradeetionally Bloco do Ride an Bloco dos Democráticos are the major street amusers, an for the young adults thare is Bloco do Urso, which brings thoosans o young fowk each year tae the ceety in Februar.

In Julie 2012, Santa Rita do Sapucaí became the first jurisdiction in Minas Gerais tae adopt marriage equality, an the first municipality in Brazil tae individually legalize it.[1][2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tradeetionally, the foondation date o Santa Rita, short name for the ceety, is considered tae be 1825-05-22, when the first mess wis held in the chapel biggit on orders o Dona Genoveva Maria Martins da Fonseca, honorin a promise made bi her late husband Manoel José da Fonseca. The Fonseca faimily arrivit in the region in the early 19t century an is considered the foondin faimily o Santa Rita do Sapucaí.

Location[eedit | eedit soorce]

Santa Rita is locatit in a privilegit steid, a few hunder kilometres awa frae the states o Rio de Janeiro an São Paulo, in ane o Minas Gerais' richest regions. It dwells atween muntains an haes a pleasant wather, wi mild an dry winters, wairm an dry springs, wairm an wet simmers an mild an wet hairsts as teepical o historically Atlantic Forest-covered Sootheastren Brazil, throuoot the year. It is wairmer than São Paulo, but caulder than Rio de Janeiro, Volta Redonda, Juiz de Fora an Belo Horizonte (Brazilians caw the climate o the toun tropical de altitude, which means it is kynd o subtropical for sic law latitude).

Famous fowk[eedit | eedit soorce]

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Awtho locatit in a rich coffee-growin region, Santa Rita is kent for its heich technology industries, bein hame tae ane o Brazil's foremaist electronic, telecommunications an computer ingineerin colleges, INATEL [1] - Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações, which wis foondit in 1965.

As tae the Escola Técnica de Eletrônica "Francisco Moreira da Costa" [2] Archived 2014-05-16 at the Wayback Machine, the first electronic technical schuil o Laitin Americae, it wis foondit in 1959 bi lady Sinha Moreira. The ceety possesses the day mair nor 110 companies o technological bases.

Santa Rita uisses preesoners tae pouer street lamps in a local plaza. Inmates are affered the opportunity tae shorten thair sentences bi pedaling a bike that is connectit tae a caur battery, which then are uised tae pouer the lichtin grid.[3]

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