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São Sebastião do Paraíso

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Location o São Sebastião do Paraíso on a cairt o the state o Minas Gerais

São Sebastião do Paraíso is a Brazilian municipality locatit in the soothwast o the state o Minas Gerais. Its population as o 2010 wis 64,980 fowk livin in a tot aurie o 822 km². The ceety belangs tae the meso-region o Sul e Sudoeste de Minas an tae the micro-region o São Sebastião do Paraíso. It became a municipality in 1870. The ceety an surroondin aurie are famous for the growin o heich-quality coffee. It ranks heich in the kintra for its quality o life an aw.[1]


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The ceety centre o São Sebastião do Paraíso is locatit at a elevation o 991 metres in a fertile region atween the state boondar o São Paulo an the great reservoir o Furnas. Neebourin municipalities are: São Tomás de Aquino (NW), Capetinga (N), Pratápolis (NE), Fortaleza de Minas (E) Jacuí (SE), Monte Santo de Minas (S), Itamogi, Santo Antônio da Alegria an Altinópolis (SW), an Patrocínio Paulista (W).[2]

Statistical micro-region

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São Sebastião do Paraíso is a statistical micro-region consistin o 14 municipalities: Arceburgo, Cabo Verde, Guaranésia, Guaxupé, Itamogi, Jacuí, Juruaia, Monte Belo, Monte Santo de Minas, Muzambinho, Nova Resende, São Pedro da União, São Sebastião do Paraíso, an São Tomás de Aquino. In 2000 the population wis 245,490 indwallers livin in a tot aurie o 5,159.70 km².[2]

Geographical Facts

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  • Maximum: 1183m; Place: Serra do Chapadão
  • Minimum: 894m; Place: Foz Ribeirão Água Quente
  • Centre o the ceety: 980m


  • Annual average: 20.6 C
  • Average annual maximum: 27.5 C
  • Average annual minimum: 15.5 C

Average annual rainfaw: 1,690mm


  • Flat: 8%
  • Hilly: 74%
  • Muntainous: 18%

Main Rivers

  • Ribeirão Fundo, Ribeirão São Domingos, an Rio Santana [3]




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Ethnic Oreegin

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Race Percentage
White 81,6%
Black 4,1%
Multiracial/Pardo 10,0%
Asie 4,2%
Indigenous 0,1%

Source: Censo 2000

Economic activities

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Industry is the main economic activity o the municipality an is mainly centred in the production o surgical material, clothin (mainly lingerie), an leather guids, frae tannin tae the manufactur o shoes. In 2005 384 transformation industries employin 6,165 wirkers. Ither sectors wur the retail sector employin 4,693 wirkers, public admeenistration employin 1,307, an halth services employin 878 wirkers. The GDP in 2005 wis approximately R$577 million, wi 63 frae taxes, 343 million reais frae services, 104 million reais frae industry, an 68 million reais frae agricultur.

The region is a major producer o coffee an milk products. Thare wur 968 landwart producers on 55,000 hectares o laund, meanin that the size o the landhauldins wis relatively smaw. Approximately 8,400 bodies wur occupee'd in agricultur. The main crops are coffee (13,000 hectares), succarcane, figs, peaches, citrus fruits, rice, beans, an corn (15,000 hectares). Thare wur 44,000 heid o cattle, o which 16,000 war milk cows (2006).[1]

Thare are 9 banks (2007): Banco ABN AMRO Real, Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, HSBC Bank Brasil S/A, Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco Itaú, Banco Mercantil do Brasil, ParaísoCred, an Credipar.[3]

In the vehicle fleet thare wur 14,848 automobiles, 1,237 larries, 1,264 pickup larries, 135 buses, an 3,650 motorcycles (2007).[1]

Halth an eddication

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In the halth sector thare wur 24 public halth establishments an 24 private establishments which includit 29 halth clinics an 4 hospitals wi 325 beds (2005). Educational needs o 14,100 students wur met bi 32 primar schuils, 7 middle schuils, an 30 pre-primary schools.[1] In heicher eddication thare wur 2 schuils: Faculdade de Ciências Económics, Administração, e Contabilidade de São Sebastião do Paraíso - FACEAC, an Universidade de Alfenas - UNIFENAS - São Sebastião do Paraíso.[6]

  • Municipal Human Development Index: 0.812 (2000)
  • State rankin: 22 oot o 853 municipalities as o 2000
  • Naitional rankin: 37 oot o 5,138 municipalities as o 2000
  • Leeteracy rate: 91%
  • Life expectancy: 74 (average o males an females)[7]

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Coordinates: 20°55′01″S 46°59′27″W / 20.91694°S 46.99083°W / -20.91694; -46.99083