Nova Lima

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Location o Nova Lima athin Minas Gerais

Nova Lima is a ceety in the Minas Gerais state o Brazil, locatit close tae the state's caipital, Belo Horizonte. Its 2001 population wis estimatit at 66,700. The ceety is hame tae several mines, includin the Morro Velho, Mostardas, an Rio de Peixe mines. A number o minerals are extractit frae these an ither steids in an aroond the ceety, includin gowd. The ceety belangs tae the mesoregion Metropolitana de Belo Horizonte an tae the microregion o Belo Horizonte. The Anglican Kirk haes been in the toun o Nova Lima syne 1834 when the St John Del Rey Mining Company wis foondit for the extraction o gowd in the region. The company, o Inglis oreegin, brocht aroond 150 families frae Breetain an an Anglican Chaplain forby. Twa new chapels wur biggit in the toun - ane aroond 1840 an the ither aroond 1850. The present local kirk, St. John the Baptist [1][deid airtin] is in communion wi the Anglican Episcopal Kirk in Brazil

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Coordinates: 19°59′9″S 43°50′49″W / 19.98583°S 43.84694°W / -19.98583; -43.84694