Conselheiro Lafaiete

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Location o Conselheiro Lafaiete athin Minas Gerais

Conselheiro Lafaiete is a ceety o the state o Minas Gerais, Brazil. It wis kent as Queluz till 1934, when it wis renamit bi decree, as a tribute tae Coonselor Lafayette Rodrigues Pereira

It is situatit 96 km sooth frae Belo Horizonte, caipital o Minas Gerais, in ane o the maist important economic auries o Brazil. The population wis 113.019 inhabitants, in 2006. It's ane o the maist populatit ceeties o MG.[1]

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Coordinates: 20°39′36″S 43°47′09″W / 20.66000°S 43.78583°W / -20.66000; -43.78583