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Santa Fé de Minas

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Location o Santa Fé de Minas athin the state o Minas Gerais

Santa Fé de Minas is a Brazilian municipality locatit in the north o the state o Minas Gerais. In 2007 the population wis 4,034 in a total aurie o 2,916 km². It became a municipality in 1962.[1][2]

Santa Fé de Minas is locatit aboot 130 km. northwast o the nearest major population centre, Pirapora at a elevation o 493 metres. Neebourin municipalities are: São Romão, Buritizeiro, Brasilândia de Minas, an Bonfinópolis de Minas. It is pairt o the statistical microregion o Pirapora.[3]

The maist important economic activities are cattle raisin an agricultur. The GDP in 2005 wis R$ 14,352,000.00. Thare wur no bankin agencies in the toun in 2007, while thare wur 33 automobiles, ane o the lawest ratios in the state. In the landwart aurie thare wur 467 establishments on a total aurie o 211,000 hectares, o which 3,500 hectares wur plantit in crops. Aroond 1,500 fowk wur wirkin in agricultur. Thare wur 44,000 heid o cattle. The main crops wur rice, beans, an corn. [2]

  • Municipal Human Development Index: 0.622 (2000)
  • State rankin: 802 oot o 853 municipalities as o 2000
  • Naitional rankin: 4,273 oot o 5,138 municipalities as o 2000

In the halth sector thare wur twa halth clinics an ane hospital wi 3 beds.

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Coordinates: 16°41′26″S 45°24′44″W / 16.69056°S 45.41222°W / -16.69056; -45.41222