Guarani, Minas Gerais

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Location o Guarani athin Minas Gerais

Guarani is a municipality locatit in the Zona da Mata athin the state o Minas Gerais, Brazil. Its latitude is 21º21'07" S an the langitude is 43°21'27" W.[1] The population in 2013 is reckoned as 8.977 inhabitants based on the prediction o the Brazilian censo.[2] The average elevation is 440m abuin the sea level athin the urban limits, reachin up tae 1,434m in the muntainous aurie locatit in the ootskirts. The toun wis namit efter the biggest native tribe which dwelt in Brazil afore the Colonial Period, the Guaranis.

Gurani's maist iconic landscape is the Catholic Pairish o the Divine Holy Ghost locatit in ane o the heichest points o the toun. Surroondit bi a smaw green garden an Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca Square an gathered wi astonishin pentins as well as sculpturs representin New Testament's passages the kirk is a attractive biggin which reminds the baroque kirks o aulder ceeties, spread throuoot Minas Gerais state, settled in the seiventeent century. In despite o those ceeties Guarani anerly achievit its emancipation in the seicont decade o the twintiet century. Mair precisely bi the 25 Mairch 1914.[3]

Coordinates: 21°21′07″S 43°02′49″W / 21.35194°S 43.04694°W / -21.35194; -43.04694

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