Alagoa, Minas Gerais

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Location o Alagoa

Alagoa is a ceety in the Brazilian state o Minas Gerais. In 2004 its population wis estimatit tae be 2,823.

Alagoa wis foondit on 28 Dizember 1962.

Turned intae a municipality in 1962, the veelage o Alagoa wis born bi the Bandeirantes in the 18t hunderyear. It wis pairt o the "Ryal Road" tae muive gowd an precious gems (includin diamonds) frae the State o Minas Gerais tae Rio de Janeiro an São Paulo sea ports.

On tap o the Mantiqueira (The Cryin Muntain, in the local Indians leid) muntain range, it conteens pairt o the maist important remains o the Brazilian Atlantic Forest an fresh watter drained frae the muntains tae the State o Minas Gerais valleys.

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