Santa Maria do Salto

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Location o Santa Maria do Salto athin Minas Gerais

Santa Maria do Salto is a municipality in the northeast o the Brazilian state o Minas Gerais. Its population in 2007 wis 5,724 inhabitants in a total aurie o 442 km².

Santa Maria do Salto belangs tae the Almenara statistical microregion. The elevation o the municipal seat is 220 meters. It became a municipality in 1962. This municipality is locatit sooth o the Jequitinhonha River an is bordered bi the state o Espírito Santo on the east. Neebourin municipalities are: Eunápolis, Salto da Divisa, an Jacinto. Thare are poor heich-gate connections wi Salto da Divisa, 68 km tae the northeast, which haes pavit connections tae the important BR-101, 48 km tae the east.

The main economic activities are cattle raisin, an subsistence fermin. The GDP in 2005 wis R$16,530,000. Thare wur nae bankin agencies leetit in 2006. Thare wur 88 automobiles in 2007. The main cash crop wis coffee an there wis production o bananas an succarcane. In the halth sector thare wur 2 halth clinics an nae hospitals. The score on the Municipal Human Development Index wis 0.633 (middlin). This rankit Santa Maria do Salto 784 oot o 853 municipalities in the state, wi Poços de Caldas in first place wi 0.841 an Setubinha in last place wi 0.568. [1]

In 2006 thare wur 201 landwart ferms wi 600 hectares o plantit aurie. Maist o the landwart aurie wis natural pastur or firthland. Anerly 03 o the ferms haed tractors. Thare wis a cattle herd o 8,000 heid, the cattle bein raised mainly for meat.

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Coordinates: 16°14′56″S 40°08′56″W / 16.24889°S 40.14889°W / -16.24889; -40.14889