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Depairtment o Risaralda
Departamento del Risaralda
Banner o Depairtment o Risaralda
Coat o airms o Depairtment o Risaralda
Coat o airms
Risaralda shown in red
Risaralda shown in red
Coordinates: 4°49′N 75°42′W / 4.817°N 75.700°W / 4.817; -75.700
Kintra  Colombie
Region Andes Region
Established 1 Julie 1966
Caipital Pereira
 • Govrenor Víctor Manuel Tamayo (Colombie Conservative Pairty)
 • Total 4,140 km2 (1,600 sq mi)
Aurie rank 29
Population (2005)[1]
 • Tot 863,663
 • Rank 18
 • Density 210/km2 (540/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-05
ISO 3166 code CO-RIS
Municipalities 14
Wabsteid www.risaralda.gov.co

Risaralda is a depairtment o Colombie. It is locatit in the wastren central region o the kintra an pairt o the Paisa Region. Its caipital is Pereira. It wis dividit frae the depairtment o Caldas in 1966. Risaralda is vera well kent for the heich quality o its coffee, an a buimin industry: claes, fuid, tradin o guids an services.

The territory is vera muntainous an haes mony kynds o climate in a vera sma aurie. Its proximity tae harbours like Buenaventura on the Paceefic Ocean an tae the biggest ceeties in Colombie – Bogotá, Cali, Medellín – maks it a fast growin economic centre.

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