Santander, Colombie

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Depairtment o Santander
Departamento de Santander
Banner o Depairtment o Santander
Coat o airms o Depairtment o Santander
Coat o airms
Motto(s): Santandereanos siempre adelante
(Spanish: People of Santander always ahead)
Anthem: Himno de Santander
Santander shown in red
Santander shown in red
Coordinates: 7°8′N 73°0′W / 7.133°N 73.000°W / 7.133; -73.000
Kintras  Colombie
Region Andean Region
Established 13 Mey 1857
Caipital Bucaramanga
Lairgest ceety Bucaramanga
 • Govrenor Horacio Serpa Uribe (Colombie Leeberal Pairty)
 • Total 30,537 km2 (11,790 sq mi)
Aurie rank 12
Population (2005)[1]
 • Tot 2.057.789
 • Rank 6
 • Density 6.7×10−5/km2 (0.00017/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-05
ISO 3166 code CO-SAN
Provinces 8
Municipalities 87

Santander is a depairtment o Colombie. Santander inheritit the name o ane o the nine oreeginal states o the Unitit States o Colombie. It is locatit in the central northren pairt o the kintra, east o the Magdalena River, bordered tae the sooth an sootheast bi Boyacá, tae the northeast bi Norte de Santander, tae the north bi Cesar, an tae the wast bi Bolivar an Antioquia. Its caipital is the ceety o Bucaramanga.

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The depairtment is subdividit intae provinces:

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