Municipalities o Colombie

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Municipalities o Colombie

The Municipalities o Colombie is decentralisit subdiveesions o the Republic o Colombie. Municipalities mak up maist o the depairtments o Colombie wi 1,102 municipalities (municipios). Ilkane is led bi a mayor (alcalde) elect bi popular vote an represents the maximum executive govrenment offeecial at a municipality level unner the mandate o the govrenor o their depairtment that is a representative o aw municipalities in the depairtment; municipalities is groupit tae shape depairtments.

The municipalities o Colombie is groupit in an associe cried the Federación Colombiana de Municipios (Colombie Federation o Municipalities) an aw, that functions as a union unner the private law an unner the constitutional richt tae free association tae defend their common interests.[1]

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